3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy!

Whenever my hubhub describes me as a mother his first word that pops out of his mouth is "strict." Ok so I am, I totally admit to it. I am strict when it comes to their needs. I want them to be both healthy, happy and strong. Who doesn't right? 

I want to make sure their diet isn't overloaded with junk food and that they remain healthy. The absolute horror for a mother is to bring their kids to the emergency room of the hospital. So as a mother, our instinct is to protect, diba? 

Fern-C Kidz

I vouch for Fern-C to protect me from getting sick and now I can pass it down to my kids with Fern-C Kidz

Now aside from vitamins, Fern-C Kidz is sharing with you these tips to help keep kids Healthy and happy:

Tip 1: Family Bonding is important for child development. 
Give them time and the right attention everyday. The simple eating of meals together really makes a difference and assuring them of your presence and support. 

Tip 2: Teach your child the value of eating healthy. 
Obesity is one of the prominent issues in youth today. So make sure to introduce them into a healthy eating habit. Avoid processed and junk foods.

Tip 3: Boost your child’s immunity with Vitamin C. 
Strengthen their immunity and resistance by giving them vitamin C which makes Fern-C kidz the best choice. 

Fern-C Kidz
My Lusog Saya little lass!

Fern-C Kidz is Sodium Ascorbate which is bettar absorbed by the body versus Ascorbic Acid plus with Zinc which can strengthen their bodies against illness.

Fern-C Kidz is a product of Fern Incorporated with the Quali-C Seal that assures you of its quality and efficacy. Fern-C Kidz comes in a delicious Orange flavor which your kids are sure to love and what will make your kids "resistensaya, lusog-saya!

FERN-C kidz is now available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide at affordable prices of Php62.00 per 60 mL bottle and Php 119.00 per 120 mL bottle.

Fern-C Kidz

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  1. One of the Vitamins I use sa anak ko.. Maganda din po tlga yan sa katawan ng bata.