It's a Fight Against Your Child Getting Sick: Proteksyong Plus ng Ceelin Plus!

We all know that with this horrible weather which includes a mixture of typhoons, floods and drought that it is also the high time for catching a virus. Your kids strength in their immune system can help fight against deadly viruses like the Zika Virus, Measles and chickenpox.

Ceelin Plus

Whenever I take my little lass to school, I want to be secured that she is protected and that she has the immune shield up at all the time. With my little lass going to school she could become ill with being exposed to the rainy season. 

The Ceelin Plus commercial reminded me of these things and their regular diet is just not that sufficient with the change in weather. 

So to keep her from harm, I include Ceelin Plus as part of her daily needs with the best combination of Vitamin and Zinc, Ceelin Plus provides superior protection, and it also reduces severity of sickness.

Imagine that 1 (one) teaspoon of Ceelin Plus is equals to 10 glasses of milk or 59 pieces of biscuits! 

Ceelin Plus

With my little lass taking Ceelin Plus, we have not experienced severe colds, fever or flu and when she recently got sick, after a day it was gone! 

That is how effective it is to protect. 

So get your schooler on Ceelin Plus for superior protection from getting sick.

Ceelin Plus comes in the following sizes and in the flavors of Apple (drops and syrup) and Orange (chewables):

Ceelin Plus

Ceelin Plus Drops 15ml (P82.00)
Ceelin Plus Drops 30ml (P114.00) 
Ceelin Plus Syrup 60ml (P78.00)
Ceelin Plus Syrup 120ml (P140.00)
Ceelin Plus Syrup 250ml (P237.00)
Ceelin Plus Chewables 100s (P450.00)

Ceelin Plus is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide and Made by Unilab Philippines.

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  1. I used Ceelin before then nag change ako sa Scotts Vitamin C pero ginagawang gummy candy at minamayat-maya ni Chelsea Kay nagbuy uli ako ng Ceelin

  2. Kala nya talaga Candy sis pati si Nanay Taba ko ( Lola ) kala nya din gummy candies kaya nag Ceelin nalang ako uli

  3. Yan po ginagamit ko po sa 2 kids ko po. Super kulit po sila both and they need protection against sa mga sakit!

  4. Mas makakamura pala pag 30 ml na bottle na ceelin drops ang bibilhin ko vs. 15 ml. 😂

  5. Ask ko lng pwd ko pa rin ba bigyan ng ceelin drops ang baby ko na ngkabulutong po. Thanks po

    1. Hi, although Ceelin drops is more of a food supplement and should not pose any negative reactions towards health, with your question I always would recommend to seek that advice with a pediatrician first for the safety of your baby po. :)