Pest Off! Rat Control Line Review + Give-away!

I love pets, dogs, rabbits and hamsters. I consider myself a pet lover, but I don't like pests. Haha. 

Rat and Mice are one of the common household pests. New or old, your home is not exempted from these little critters. Now, you probably have a rat or mice problem and you don;t really want to take the route the granny took in the movie Ratatouille. Shotguns will NOT solve the problem. 

Pest Off Title

Let's take the safer way and use a non-toxic and convenient way to help control your rat and mice issue. 

Pest Off! has numerous products in the rat control line to help you with your rodent control needs.

Pest Off! Rat and Mice Catcher Glue Boards come in Cardboard and Wood variants and are also offered in the Peanut and Cheese Scent! The scent attracts the rat's to "come hither". Haha

Pest Off!
Regular Scent Cardboard Glue Board (Php142.75) and the Word Board Glue Board (Php148.75) in 2 pieces per set.

Pest Off!
Rat Catcher Glue Boards in Cheese and Peanut Scents (Php157.25) in 2 pieces per set
Pest Off!
Mice Catcher Plastic Glue Board in Cheese and Peanut scent (Php96.25) in 4 pieces set.

Regular scent
Regular Scent Mice Catcher Plastic Board (Php90.25) in 4 pieces set.

Pest Off! Also offers a Ready-to-use Cereal Bait which contains 2nd generation anticoagulant (prevents blood clotting which leads to internal haemorrhaging which leads to the death of the rodent) compound: Brodifacoum, which makes a SINGLE feed to effectively eliminate rat and mice. 

Pest Off!
Ready to use Cereal Bait 50 grams (Php44.75) and 100 grams (Php69.25)

Here's a review from my personal rat catcher: my hubhub!
What my hubhub liked: 
  • Affordable VS. Other Brands. The main reason why he chooses Pest Off! becuase compared to others this is the most affordable on the market. 
  • Glue Effectiveness. If you place your glue boards right, mice and rats will surely stick!
  • Variety of sizes. Bigger boards for larger rats and also they fit into the right places of your homes. Big or small corners Pest Off! has you covered.
  • Hygienic. My husband finds them easy to throw away with wrapping them in newspaper and a trash bag. No mess!

What my hubhub felt that could have been better:
  • According to him... NOTHING. :)

You can also watch my unboxing video here:

I was happy that we were asked to review Pest Off! since we have been using this brand for years! The affordability of this product really makes it the first choice. Why stress on rodents when you can eliminate them effectively, safely and hygienically. 

Here are some smart tips from the hubhub on how to effectively use the Pest Off! Glue Boards:
  • Don't Move around the furniture to make room for the glue boards. Mice and Rats are very smart. If you change the furniture around they will avoid that area and know something is different.
  • Place them in the corners of the room - Since Mice or Rats use their whiskers to guide themselves they like the corners more.
  • Place Glue Boards next to each other. If you don't catch them with the first board (some are pretty smart and quick), the next will surely slow them down.
Now that you have read about effective it is, how about trying the Pest Off! Rat Control Line for yourself for free? 

Pest Off! has been generous enough to give Php1,000 worth of products each for 2 (two) of my lucky followers! Yes 2 winners!

Just join the simple giveaway below via Rafflecopter and do the following steps to qualify:

1. Like the Pest Off! Facebook Page 
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Make sure to make your post PUBLIC so I can verify. 

Terms and Conditions of the Pest Off! Give-away:

1. Giveaway is open to Philippine residents with a courier accessible and deliverable address only.

2. All Entries will be checked and any entry deemed flasified will be disqualified. 

3. Winners can only win ONCE even if joining other Blogs. Winners are deemed final after checking. 

4. Winners will be notified via FB Messenger and are required to acknowledge and reply within 48 hours or prize will be raffled off to another winner.

4. Prizes will be shipped and a Tracking number will be provided to the winner. Pest Off! and Mamanee's Nest will not be held liable or responsible for loss or damage once shipped. 

5. All you need to is enter via the rafflecopter below and winners will be announced here on the blog and on Mamanee's Nest Facebook page.

6. Give-away will run from August 7 to August 21, 2016. 

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Good luck lads and lasses!!



  1. I saw some sewer rats a few days ago and someone told me that some sewer rats likes to come out in the toilet bowl during rainy afraid.Mice its like a household pets that always sneeky and smart.
    I used to buy sticky papers but its not working that's why I really like to try the Pest Off specially now I know it really works,not so expensive.Pest Off worth buying

  2. Nice tips! Very useful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We use Pest Off! to control mice and rats on our "mini poultry" at home. Aside for its affordable price, the products are easy to use.

  4. I like Pest Off! because of its glue effectiveness

  5. Gusto ko itong Pest Off dahil madali lang gamitin para makontrol ang mga peste na nagdadala ng mga sakit sa aming bahay. Panigurado madadali silang matatrap dito at di kagaya ng ibang brand na maaring makalason sa amin at lalo na sa anak ko na kahit anong makita sa bahay ay isinusubo. At higit sa lahat hindi makalat.

  6. My choice is Pest Off because I've been reading a lot of reviews about it. And I think it's affordable but still has the quality of a great to finally get rid all those mice and rats.

  7. As I read your review about Pest Off Products, I wanna try it right away, I'm willing to buy niyan po para rin po talaga maalis ang mga peste sa aming bahay at para makaiwas na rin po sa mga germs na magiging sanhi sa mga iba't ibang sakit na maaaring dumikit sa mga bata sa amin at sa buong pamilya ko po. Siguradong huli po ang mga daga samin kasi po maliliit din po mga gumagalang daga, talagang didikit sila! Huli! :D

  8. Because i want to try its effectiveness and their modern style sticky board made it more cooler to catch those pests... i bet will not stick my fingers anymore with their glue boards! :)

  9. Sa na basa ko sa review mo gusto ko ito dahil affordable as other brand 😊

  10. It's my choice because it's very effective, the price it worth it and most of all. it's convenient to use.

  11. It a very good choice because its very effective and it worth the price.

  12. this one is a really a big help for me