A Handmade Affair: Your one-stop Expo for Crafters and Wedding Planning

I was ecstatic to have the chance to visit A Handmade Affair Crafters and Wedding Expo last August 20, 2016.

The event was held for 2 days and it opened the doors for budding and familiar brands which were all craft suppliers and wedding essentials.


I really loved the feel of the expo upon walking in and there was so many booths to visit and see their great products featured.

Products ranged from crafting supplies, wedding supplies, food establishments and organic items.





There was also a petting zoo for kids and a crafting corner where they could also set up a place for you at your parties. Wonderful way to keep kids pre-occupied. :)


Throughout the event, there were workshops for different types of crafts.
I had two favorites at the event and that was Pillow Mallow and Neutraorganics. Just because they were very welcoming towards us and they really offered us to try out their products for free.


The expo really stood out for the usual expo's I have attended and that is because mostly the  products featured were online businesses and it promoted DIY (which I love!).

You should definitely watch out for the next A Handmade Affair Expo soon. Follow page to be updated.

Thank you for inviting me Ampers and Collective Philippines and Mommy Heart of 


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  1. Before having a child, I was a DIY-lover. Pero mas addict yung friend ko, she even used to make an exploding box for his boyfriend. Haha. Sobrang love ko talaga paggawa ng handicrafts though I was not very gifted when it comes to arts. Haha