Ahavia Lounge Spa Review + Give-away!

That tiring work week... you probably had back to back meetings, maybe your shift was queuing mostly, maybe the kids were too rowdy this week and all you want is some "me-time". You know you deserve that off where you can drift off even if it's just for a few hours before you return to reality. 

Some of you may feel that going to a Spa for a massage may take away that stress temporarily or a body scrub to make your skin feel soft - once in a while. 

Ahavia Lounge Spa

I have not had the chance to get a great massage at all, the time, my commitments and the priorities just doesn't make it fit. However, when I received an email to review Ahavia Lounge Branch in UP Village and try out their Rainy Day Promo which consists of 60 minutes of an Oriental Ritual massage, 60 minutes of a Lavendar Body Scrub and 30 minutes of Foot Reflexology - how could I possible resist?

Now, please excuse my photos lasses, since the ambiance is dimly lit. 

Ahavia Loune Spa in UP Village, just soft-opened this July and they already have a number of regulars who are men and women alike and I was about to experience what is making this branch steadily gain popularity.

I am not a solo-cab person, so I decided to commute. Coming from Cubao, I took a jeep to Philcoa and got off at Malakas Street at the next street was a Tricycle Terminal. Malakas Street is fairly short so it is something you can walk through however since it was my first time, I took a tricycle to take me to the Ahavia Lounge Spa, which is just next to Fersal Inn Hotel. 

The Front of the Lounge Spa, looked a little plain with gray concrete walls embellished with stone tiles and no front glass windows which is the usual set-up of a spa. The Security guard then opened the door for me and I immediately was "transported" into a different world. I was greeted with the scent of peppermint, relaxing music, a dimly lit area with a large lush sofa. That instance, my mood was set for relaxation. 

The whole lobby already lures you to take their services and my eyes had a feast of it's royal interiors. The colors of the interiors were very inviting following the standard colors of every Ahavia Lounge Spa: Black, Gray and Sea Blue-Green. 



I was given a background of their services and also of what was to come at that their Grand launch in September which will also showcase their Nail Lounge, Sparty Area, Sauna bath and the much awaited Moroccan Bath. I was also given a tour of their facilities, which included the Women's lounge and the VIP lounge. At this point I really loved the mid-spiral staircase and design being minimalist. I felt the word "luxurious" emanating all over.

Foot Bath area

Ahavia Lounge Spa
VIP Lounge

To the female and VIP lounge

Before my treatment, I was offered a cup of tea and I was glad that it was sweetened with Honey, I was already starting to relax. I was then introduced to Charlotte who would be my attendant for the treatment. They would give you a choice either to shower or have foot bath first before you start, in my case, Charlotte suggested that I can also take a shower after the body scrub which made perfect sense. 

Ahavia Lounge Spa

I was asked to change into shorts and a bathrobe which was made of thick satin material and not the usual heavy white cotton. I sorta liked it better since again "luxurious" was still the word in mind. They also offer you disposable undergarments so that you are not fully unclothed during the treatment and massage. 


Once, I was ready, a pair of slippers was waiting at the door and I was asked to lie face down on the massage bed. Charlotte then told me that the Body scrub treatment would be first and that she would be using a Lavendar scrub, she would always check on the pressure of her hands and also if the scrub was ok (not too harsh). I am not the hard pressure type of person when it comes to massages, so I did appreciate the temp check once in a while. 

The lavender scent of the scrub itself was amazing, and my tired mind was relaxed. I usually over think and lack to relax during these sessions and Charlotte did remind me once in a while, which helped. The salt scrub may seem a little painful since the grains are thick but then I allowed myself the little pain since I know this would definitely remove all the dead skin cells. My whole body was scrubbed from back to front including the feet and it was rested on my skin for 10 minutes before I could take a shower. My body was shimmering from the mix of oil and salts. 

Shining, shimmering, spleeeeennnddddiiiidddd....

Dripping in oil and salt, I took a shower, now just a tip - ask how to turn on the hot water because I was a little challenged on how to do so. I appreciated that they had a dispenser for Shampoo, Conditioner and body wash. Also, it would be good to request for a flannel or a small towel to wash your body with to remove the oil. 

Returning to the massage bed, Rubbing alcohol and Tea Tree Oil was ready to use for my whole body massage. The massage is a Oriental Ritual which is a combination of firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching using palms and hands. The benefits include improvement of flexibility, reduces water retention, and relieves joint pain, including sprain and stiffness.

I really liked the long gliding strokes and because Charlotte checked on my comfortability of the pressure of her hands, I was definitely relaxed, my base line of knowing that I am relaxed is if I actually would doze off and surprisingly I did - reminding you again that I am very particular about massages. 

Due to my "monthly visit" (apologies for the TMI - but I am only human and a woman! Lol) Charlotte informed me that a foot reflexology isn't advisable since it may increase my blood flow. I took her advice of course, since she has been doing this for 3 years. Instead she offered and replaced it with a scalp massage. 

Whenever I go to Spa's my usual thought in mind was "when will this end" however, in true honesty, I forgot the time while I was under-going my treatment at the Ahavia Lounge Spa - UP Village. When Charlotte informed me of our session ending, I was offered water or tea after and wet towels to wipe off. She then offered to wipe me down so she could apply Ahavia lotion on my body. The sweet Sampaguita like smell of the lotion was a great way to cap off my treatment. 

Their Rainy Day promo will be available until October and is only priced at 1,049Php for 3 services!

So here's my overall thoughts of Ahavia Lounge Spa and their Rainy Day Service:

The Treatment & Massage:
  • I really loved the scrub, it was relaxing and not overpowering. The lavendar scent helped me to relax and until now I feel the effect of the exfoliation on my skin. 
  • I like how Charlotte allowed me to control the pressure of the massage and that there was a temp check in between
  • The products used were not overpowering scent wise so they didn't clash on my skin. 
The Lounge:
  • Interiors are absolutely pleasing to my eye. I felt I walked into a hotel. 
  • It smells like a Spa as soon as I walked in the door. I remember a popular spa smelling like a toilet. Urgh.
  • Furniture is grand. A Large long plush sofa with pillows, makes it also Instagram worthy. 
The Attendant:
  • Charlotte was very accommodating. I didn't need to see her face to know if she was friendly, she would listen to my requests attentively. 
  • Her hands are amazing, 3 years of experience surely shows.
  • Would I suggest Ahavia Lounge Spa in UP Village to my friends? Yes. Price, choice of services and the attendant would want me to be confident enough to say it is worth it. There massage therapy treatments prices range from Php299 and above.

Ahavia Lounge Spa

Ahavia Lounge Spa

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  1. JOINING! That is the Perfect relaxation place sa mga adults na nagwowork-hard everyday! A truly deserving relaxation it is! Thank you for sharing your experience Mamanee! Thumbs UP!

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  3. Upon reading your blog! Aaargh I felt like I want to experience that kind of spa treatment the soonest! Honestly haven't yet experienced having spa since birth:( most specially now that I'm already a mom of two. Having me-time is so elusive to achieve. I joined in this giveaway. I really wish to win! Good luck and more power to you mamanee's nest:)

  4. Joined!:-)