Get All Dolled Up with Groupon!

 *This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine*

I am sure you already have this idea that I am much of a cosmetic junkie. Aside from great eyebrows, lashes really make the difference. 

What I love about long lashes that it accentuates and highlights your eyes making them look so flirty and bigger., but not all are gifted with long thick eyelashes. 

Sometimes, you resort to wearing adhesive fake lashes or maybe you have tried the castor oil treatment, in any way sometimes it may be a hassle.

So what can you do to resolve the dilemma? Get eyelash extensions of course. We all know that the service itself does not come cheap and with a mom on a budget, we need to get out beauty fix.

eyelash extension

So an amazing idea is to check out Groupon. Why? Because Groupon gives superb deals on Food and Drink, Electronics, travel, Health and Fitness and now Delivery and Takeout! Of course my favorite category would be the Health, Beauty and Wellness Groupons because I get ton of deals to try out.

What I also like about the Groupon site is that you get to book spa appointments online – how nifty is that? And if you are not sure if you have the budget yet, you can even filter the search results within your price range. 

Happier than you can imagine.

Want to know more? 

Check out Groupon’s Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter for the latest deals.


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  1. Bonnga po yan sa mga Beauties and Mommies na super busy sa work and family, nakakalimutan na ang mga pansariling mga needs! Now, may super easy and bilis na daan para magpaganda, relax and para macheck din ang healths natin! Galing niyan!