My Self-Realizations During the Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-treat

I tend to be a know-it-all and I sometimes think that I can do EVERYTHING. I always think ahead and also what could be.

A few weeks back, I was invited to attend the Mommy Mundo's Mindful Mom Re-treat where we were asked to let go of the daily tasks and give ourselves time.


Mindful Mom Re-treat was held at Aguba By Rockwell, which was a pleasing location because it was so serene and I felt I was taking out of the city.

I took the afternoon slot since I work in the evening and I wanted to catch a few zzzz's before attending.

At the table, a pink clear book was prepared along with Lactation Cookies from Mommy Treats and a chocolate bar from Laduree. with an Instagramable set up, the function hall was very intimate with 3 large round tables to seat 10 people each. I truly appreciated that since it made the event more meaningful.


I was excited to find out how I could a more mindful mom and what I needed to improve to be a better being. We were asked to avoid using our phones throughout the event, hence the lack of photos but I also agree it was a good call.

We had 4 activities to go through during the re-treat and with each activity, Ichel Alignay (Registered Family Psychologist) would help us determine what we needed to target to improve to become more mindful.


We were asked to map out of schedules on a daily basis and like most of the mom's in the group it evolved around career and family, usually missing out on ourselves - and you know when they say that you need to take care of yourselves before taking care of others? The Mindful Mom Re-treat reminds you of that.

With one of the activities, I realized that I spend less of my time sleeping,  Hahahaha - and that affects health right? 

Ichel would constantly remind us that sometimes you have to think about letting go - the theme song was literally the song "Let It Go" from Frozen and while we were asked to sing it, I realized it did embody how I felt at times with all the mom duties, the career and with myself.

We need to let go of things that stresses us to much and which shouldn't - like for me it's OVERTHINKING. I have the tendency to think too ahead, with all the what if's and at the re-treat it turns out that my husband was right - we should think also of what is in the now, or else we may miss out on valuable things. 

Sometimes as a mom, we forget that some things need to be approached without thinking it out too much, sometimes we just need to enjoy the moment, sometimes we need to let the kids make a mess, sometimes we need the down time to cuddle the husband. These things we tend to over look because we are driven by schedules, calendars and plans of to-do's.

Then the most part, we get lost - lost in all these so-called Mommy duties sometimes we forget to reflect on our needs as individuals. 

The Mindful Mom Re-treat allows you to reconnect with yourself, to become a more mindful YOU and mindful MOM at the same time. 

If you are looking to arrange your everyday chaos allow Mommy Mundo's Mindful Mom Re-treat to do so. 

Ichel gave us homework to do which I am still working on but I am currently doing my #mommanifestos so if you want to follow me on Instagram I'll be sharing on Facebook and Instagram also my #mamaneesmommanifesto to how I reconnect with myself.

With Ichel Alignay

My self-realizations were: 

1. Stop Overthinking
2. Make time for myself
3. Appreciate my husband for the small things.
4. Let Go of stress and to-do's that were not met. 
5. Enjoy life without the camera phone.

Our group photo from Mommy Mundo's Blog (Copyright Mommy Mundo)

All attendees went home with a large full bag with gifts from sponsors and we also won raffle prizes during the event.

The Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-treat will be back soon and you can follow Mommy Mundo on Facebook for details about their next Mindful Mom Re-treat which is scheduled on November 12, 2016.



  1. What a wonderful event for busy moms out there! The topic was indeed interesting. Being mom you have to think of yourself also. You have to empower your whole being not just for your own improvement but also for your family :) reflect, contemplate and meditate to be a mindful mom!