Who & What is dearberry?

I am positive that you have seen my overflowing posts about dearberry and it's products and you are probably thinking, who is dearberry? Why the rave? 

When I was one of the lucky chosen few to attend their Premiere Bloggers and Vloggers Brand Launch, all those questions were answered and I was enlightened with their brand and why it is something to be proud about.


So here are some fun facts about the brand, which will make you go "aahhhhh":
  • dearberry products contain natural ingredients like berries, grains, flowers, plants, mineral water and alpine herbs. So products less the chemical base which makes it kinder to your skin.
  • Julia Co Ltd. was founded in 1956 with a dream to create affordable Korean cosmetics for those that were starting off from the war, and then they launched Fine Bio Ltd. in 2002 who launched the dearberry brand in 2012.
  • In 2014, they had a turnover of sales amounting to US4.8 million!!
  • In 2015, they had launched in 20 Watson's Singapore Stores
  • dearberry is manufactured by COSMAX who is the same manufacturer for L'Oreal and WINNOVA who also manufactures the products for Tony Moly and The Face Shop.
As you can see, dearberry has a rich background of cosmetic experience and quality also defines it's name.You are looking at a premium Korean Cosmetic brand without the premium price.

The hosts of the event who also make up the official distributor of dearberry PH: Bamrock MDSG


During the launch, it was a swatch fest for all the bloggers and they allowed us to try the different products. I had a few faves at the launch and my faves piled up after using the products I got to take home.

When I was younger, I never thought about much with skincare but now with the affordability that dearberry has with it's masks alone, I am surely going to make it a habit. 

Happily swatching. :)

Look at some of the dearberry products that were on display:





I won in the raffle!

Make-up session demo with Beck Dalusang

With the 3 base ingredients consisting of Berry Complex (anti-oxidant for skin aging), Gigawhite (improves skin tone and weakens age spots), and Niaciamide (for brightening), not only does the cosmetics help you improve your outer appearance but it is also working within to help improve your skin. 

To also prove the brand's effectiveness, the dearberry models embody the true form of great skin and looks, endorsers are the Korean boy band Boyfriend, Actress Jeon Ji yeon, and Actress Ko Won Hee.

Check out the dearberry commercial featuring the Korean boyband Boyfriend below:

Now you know that dearberry is a Korean Cosmetic brand with a sold history of affordable high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature, that dearberry focuses on brightening, anti-aging and weakening dark spots, and that it is endorsed by popular Korean Celebrities - isn't it about time you try out their products too?

Go and visit the official the Facebook page of the Official Distributor for dearberry Philippines, Bamrock MDSG here.

You can also check out the Facebook Page of dearberry Philippines here.

Please also visit the dearberry Philippines website for more info.



  1. Yan ang gusto ko! Yung cosmetic products na hindi malakas ang ingredients that will make our skin magaspang and nakakadagdag wrinkles! maganda pala ingredients ng Dearberry!

  2. This is definitely what I am looking for in a beauty product! Nowadays, you don't know what's good or bad for your skin so it's better to go for something like this. You won't get afraid or hesitant to try it because you are assured that it contains natural ingredients which will definitely not harm your skin. Perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Thumbs up for this Dearberry products:) Thanks ma'am Marie for sharing this info with us :)

  3. This is definitely what I am looking for in a beauty product! Nowadays its hard to know what's good and bad for our skin so it's always better to go for something like this. You won't get afraid or hesitant to try it because it contains natural ingredients. You are assured that it will definitely not harm your skin. Perfect for those who have sensitive skin! Thumbs up for this Dearberry.ph! Thanks for sharing this info to us Ma'am Marie:)

    1. Thank you also for taking notice. :) I hope you will get to try out their products. :)

  4. Sana humiyang sya sa sensitive skin ko. 😂😂😂