Fashion 21 Review: Eyebrow Gel and Duo Eye Enhancer

The term "Kilay is life" is a common hearsay nowadays, stating that the eyebrows are the most important thing on a girl's face right now. 

Make-up artists like Wayne Goss say that eyebrows should frame the face and not overtake your whole look. So what makes good eyebrows? The right trimming and products that work. I have been obsessing over eyebrows and it's perfection for the past few months and I have been constantly trying out new products. 

I was so happy that I was given an opportunity to try out Fashion 21's Perfect Brow Bundle products! The Brow Bundle product consists of their Duo Eye Enhancer, Eyebrow Gel and for a limited time you will get a FREE eyebrow shaver (worth 45Php). Check my Facebook Post!


The Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer is a brow pencil with a creamy consistency and comes in 6 different shades: Blonde, Dark Copper, Honey Blonde, Light Brown, Mahogany Brown Natural Black. This also comes with a brush for blending. This is priced at only 125Php.




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The Fashion 21 Brow Gel comes in a mascara like tube and is smudge proof. This comes in 6 colors: Blonde, Clear, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Reddish Brown and Copper Brown. Initially when you apply it, it seems to light but sets beautifully to become a natural shade.

This is a perfect alternative against coloring your eyebrows and surprisingly despite it's low price is able to do the job as expected. This is currently selling at 165Php only!




I took the Fashion 21 Perfect Brow Bundle for a road test as soon as I received the products. And here was the outcome:


It was easily to apply, even though I was slightly skeptic with the pencil at first. I'm not a fan of the the regular pencil and I use a retractable pencil nowadays. But, it wasn't so bad at all.

I have sparse eyebrows and I want to be able to fill them in without looking so heavy.  

Here's my review about the two brow products of Fashion 21:

Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer

What I liked:
  • No tugging. The Pencil is creamy, making it easy to apply and blend.
  • Color. I didn't think that Copper would suit me but it did and the shade is pigmented which looks natural.
  • Price. Talk about affordable!
What could have been better:
  • Staying power. This is definitely good if you are in a rush to do your brows but if you need it to last the whole day, best to set it with some brow powder.
Would I buy this? Sure Yes, especially if I needed a quick replacement for my current eyebrow pencil or as an extra in my travel kit. 

Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel

What I liked:
  • Affordability. I cannot live without Brow Gel or Brow Mascara and I have been looking for cheaper alternatives. I actually purchased this before but in a different color. 
  • Color. This happened to be my perfect match! For going out, I don't really like dark color brows on me and this is really brings down the color to what I want. 
  • Staying power. Dries quickly and lasts the WHOLE day. 
What could have been better:
  • Wand. I find the wand a little to large for the brow area and would like it to be a little more compact to avoid smudges during application. 

Yes, this is now my personal staple brow gel product moving forward!

So if you are within a budget (like me) but need great looking brows, head over to the Fashion 21 kiosks today and get your Perfect Brow Bundle!

Show me your brow selfies lasses!

You can check out the products of Fashion 21 on their website and follow them on Facebook for promos and updates.



  1. Perfect! Exactly what I need and dapat tlga matutunan ko n yan! hehe...may mga nagsasabi kc sakin na maganda daw ako and mga pics ko pero may kulang, bat daw d ako nagkikilay? sabi ko naman, d ako marunong! Pag ginawa ko nagmumukha akong si Betty la Fea! hahaha!

  2. Gusto ko matry yung eyebrow gel..brow pencil lang ginagamit ko sa kilay ko..baka mas magkashape..diretso kz kilay ko d gaano nakacurve πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Thanks Mamanee for the review..dami ko natutunan at nakkilalang product na minsan di ako aware kung para saan ba un..Masarap magbasa ng mga blogs ☺

    1. Thank you Che! You can also check my video on my FB page on how to use these. :)

  3. I will wait for your eyebrow tutorial Mamanee. I don't feel good about my eyebrows eh. Haha. That bundle is less than 300 lang pala, irerecommend ko sa friend ko kasi wala syang kilay, ibig sabihin wala syang Life. Haha. Bibili din ako basta matuto. Mukang kekelanganin ko pag nagwork ako. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³πŸ˜šπŸ˜€

  4. Ganda po mamanee! Yung brow gel po ung ginamit ko nung nag live chat ka.. Possible papa yun para magmukhang light :) ganda ng effect nya he he :) love it po!! Kilay is life tlaga :)

  5. Ganda po mamanee! Yung brow gel po ung ginamit ko nung nag live chat ka.. Possible papa yun para magmukhang light :) ganda ng effect nya he he :) love it po!! Kilay is life tlaga :)

    1. Yes ito nga yun hehe. And it makes your kilay look mas makapal too!