3 Ways To "Let It Go"

Yes, you read it right. I did say "Let It Go" and not "Let Go". I should tell myself this more often. I have recently slipped into a mild depression and this started when I realized I was turning 40.

3 Ways to Let It Go!

40 is a big number and it has nothing to do with aging. My depression started with thinking at 40 - what the hell have I achieved? Have I really done anything at all? Can I say that I have lived the half of my life's existing fruitfully? 

Then came the thought about my kids, will I live long enough to be there for them, see them get married or even meet my grand children? 

This has all piled up into one great big ball and lead me into a state of roller coaster of emotions and I realized that nobody cares if you are depressed. As long as you smile or post a selfie looking happy then they think you are OK.

Then I decided to deactivate Facebook for one whole day to reflect. It helped so much, social media has really limited a lot of things. Friendship and meetings are now built around a messenger where everyone seems to place their own interpretation of tones. Whatever happened to calls or meeting face to face? Whatever happened to making time for each other?

I just got so tired of this way of communicating that I shut it down for the day. Then I knew I needed to let go of things that made me feel inadequate. Bit by bit I am trying to rebuild my positive outlook and so I shall need to remind myself that if something isn't working then just "let it go". Keeping in mind what I learned during the Mindful Mom Re-Treat I attended. 

I always say Yes to people, sometimes I should say NO. It's OK to refuse once in a while. I have been saying Yes to a lot of things recently then eventually, I become the fall guy. So this is me saying NO to things that would less benefit me. 

3 Ways To Let It Go

1. Don't say yes unless it will benefit you greatly.
2. Keep toxic people out of your life. One headless chicken is enough.
3. Stop being Super Woman - you are only human.

Love yourself from time to time - you can't love others if you do not love yourself.



  1. I have done the same thing before Mamanee. I deactivated my account for almost a month and that was before having a baby. Sobrang nakakadepress yung ganung stage of life kasi parang pakiramdam ko, everything is not falling into place. But it felt good din naman kasi I have realized some things in life na di ko siguro matatanto kung lagi akong nakatutok sa laptop. I get to hang out with friends and with my family. Kumbaga, mas enjoy yung gigising ka sa umaga, labas ka sa bahay tas langhap ng sariwang hangin. Madalas kasi after waking up, cp agad hinahanap ko eh. But we have to admit, we're currently in a tech-revolution and we have to go with flow. But what's important is that we find time to reflect. 😊😊😊

    1. I love what you are saying here. Thank you for sharing. :) It is so wonderful to know that you take that time to reflect.

  2. This is a very straightforward and honest blog. You were courageous enough to share a piece of your life with us. Stay strong and please always remind yourself that there are helpful ways to cope up with depression and you are not alone.