Globe Partners with Cartoon Network to Enhance The Cartoon Network Watch and Play App

No matter how much that we want to control the spur of technology with our kids, there is no denying it that it has now become a part of everyday life.

So as a parent, the best we can do is to protect them by letting them use apps which is specifically for kids. We were invited to join the Grand Launch of Cartoon Network and Globe's Watch and Play App to show what they had in store.


At the Globe ICONIC Store located in Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater in BGC, children were treated to a show including Ben10, Jake and Finn from Adventure Time and The Powerpuff girls!

Turner has announced their partnership with Globe Telecom to enhance their Cartoon Network Watch and Play App, this will now allow Globe Telecom Subscribers to livestream Cartoon Network. Soon Globe Telecom Subscribers will be able to log into the app for free to unlock a variety of services which includes livestreaming, games and full episodes on demand. This app will also be offered as part of the Globe App bundle.

My favorite part! A Dance number from the Powerpuff Girls 

With the app, kids can enjoy being a hero like Ben 10, rule the Candy Kingdom with Princess Bubblegum, imagine being the Powerpuff Girls and enjoy mathematical adventures with Finn and Jake. 

Chesca Kramer, Inna Raymundo, Say Alonzo and Camille Prats! 

The app will be available on all iOS and Android devices with a FREE 30-day trial for Cartoon Network Watch and Play this November, exclusive for Globe Telecom Customers. What;s good is that it comes with a Data Wallet for postpaid users to avoid consuming their monthly subscription allowance and prepaid users just need to register to Globe GoSurf50

My little lass enjoying the show :)

Watch the video to see how the Cartoon Network Watch and Play App works:

For more information, follow Cartoon Network Asia on and Globe Telecom at

Hope you get to check this out lasses. :)



  1. Eto pala yung pinuntahan nyo last Sunday Mamanee. Good partnership and another kid-friendly app. 👍👌🙌