Mamanee's Nest At Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0

I have been a loyal Blogapalooza attendee since 2014 and I really love to see the gathering of Bloggers from different places and groups. 

This year they held two versions of Blogapalooza Horizons and I was present at both. The First version of Blogapalooza Horizons was held at Eton Centris and Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 at the home of Ms. Universe, Pia Wurtzbach when she visits the Philippines in the heart of Cubao - Novotel Manila. 


On the 6th floor was Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 . I took along my little lass as my partner for the day and we were greeted with the pool and stairs leading to the event. Oh how beautiful was the set up that I felt I was outside of Manila. 

The sponsors booth was lined up and each had something unique to offer. Our particular favorites were Krispy Kreme, ATC, San Miguel Food Corporation, Skinstation, Eurotel and Microtel 





There were a lot of games to play and  I actually didn't expect a lot but I was happy how my expectations were floored, making 2 hours not enough! 


We won in the game!
In the air conditioned tent, Bloggers were treated to talks games and raffle prizes and everyone was having fun. 

What I am thankful for is that this event gives the opportunity for Businesses and Influencers to unite and possibly grow a meaningful business relationship. I have always been excited to meet brands, with their goals and advocacy. 

This event also revealed their new platform called Buzzin' where the site connects brands and influencers directly. This intelligent website matched businesses and influencers to ensure a win-win partnership. Through the site, Businesses can directly post campagins and influencers can apply.


So thank you again to the Blogapalooza team for a highly successful event. Count me in next year! 


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  1. So this is the event pala that sir MJ had missed. And yung color talaga ng dress mo dyan Mamanee, pak na pak. Kaso kinabog ka ng daughter mo. The way she poses in front of the cam, model paglaki hehe. 😊😊

    About the event, it's a collaboration pala of brands. I wanna know how that platform works. Nakakaintriga po yung Buzzin'. ☺

    1. You should start a blog dear. :)

      Yes, my daughter did steal the show hehe.

  2. I would love to be part of Blogapalooza. But I am a bit torn between choosing Bloggers United or Blogapalooza. Oh, there is more! There is Bloggocommunity. Which of the three seems best? What do you think?