Win A Macbook Air From Hey Sugar!

I do not think I can live without waxing, I also know a few people who fear waxing salons because it might be painful but what if you can get a wax that is organic, practically painless and sweeter like sugar? 


Hey Sugar only uses Organic Products, cleaning of the area to be waxed is done with Ethyl Alcohol which is extracted from Sugar Cane, Cornstarch is then applied to get rid of extra oil and gives your skin extra protection. Fresh Wax is made from 100% Sugar - no double dipping here!

Hey Sugar is considered to be the most trusted, preferred an ideal destination for your diverse grooming needs and to sweeten the deal you can be one of the three lucky winners to bring home am Apple Macbook Air.


Book an appointment at one of their stores, pick one of Hey Sugar's signature packaged services and receive a raffle ticket. Winners will be announced on January 27, 2017. 

Head over to their Facebook page to be updated with their promos and visit their Website for more info: Hey Sugar! | An Organic and All Natural Waxing Salon.


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  1. I also have a fear in waxing processes. Never tried doing one though I thought of doing it using a DIY wax. Haha. I am currently using cream for hair removal. I hope matry ko din yung ganito. 😄😄😄