What Was Good in 2016?

It's the first month in 2017 and definitely timely to reflect on the year that was. I don't ever think that there would be year without challenges and in 2015, I reflected on challenges. This time, I want to reflect on the good things that happened. 

What's Good in 2016

I am not prefect, I neither want to make those who read this to even think that I am perfect, but it is always better to spend gratitude than regret. So after you read this post, I hope you take time to focus on what was good for your 2016.

Here's the good things that made my 2016:

1. My Little bossing got to finally get his PedDev check up and was able to start on a Occupational Therapy Program on a discounted scholarship. He has shown so much improvement in terms of speech and focus. 

2. My little lass has started to improve academically and has learned to write. 

3.  I loved that overall my blog has become more interactive, I have gotten to know my lasses a little more personally and have had wonderful chats with them live. 

4. I was able to conduct my first mini workshop, and I really love the valuable inputs and feedback. Something to look forward to in 2017.

5. I got the chance to be featured on CNN Philippines!

6. I had re-kindled a passion for make-up and being a make-up artist.

7.   Career wise, I was able to achieve the Top Trainer for the First Quarter award. Big achievement since I have been eyeing that for 2 years.

These things defined my happiness in 2016. I had many bad and unhappy things that came across our family but these things should not let me down. Challenges come along for a reason and they may make or break you. 

Life lesson for 2016? Focus on the good and live life fruitfully. 

What was good in your 2016 lasses? Care to share in the comments below?



  1. Hi Mamanee. Honestly, there's just one thing that popped up in my mind. Last year, I was so happy because I finally get to be a mom. Gave birth to my little onr last May 2016 and that was the most precious gift ever. 😉😉😉

    1. Wow congrats on being a mom! It's the most wonderful achievement!

  2. 2016 been tough to us but we manage to get it well, i stop working by February from a 10yrs work experience, its hard for me coz its been my routine and im happy with it .. buti have to make a decision..
    and i said to myself what is more than important? Carrer? Family? And .. i really need to be there with my little girl, i want to be the first person in every milestones. I maybe lose a job that i heartly love but.. i will have the best decision that i can never trade for anything.. being home with my girl.
    My little online shop is doin really
    Good.. And Now..
    Proudly say: i never regret the decision i make, i love how my 2016 brought me.
    We have to make things .. stand for it and youll see.. its the right thing..
    more to come !! Hello 2017!

    1. I admire you for giving up a well loved job to be with your little girl. ❤️

  3. Nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon sa kompanya ko na makapag bakasyon sa province namin BOHOL. Kasi 2 years na hndi ako nakakatuwa at subrang miss ko na mga anak ko. Kaya nung pumayag ang boss ko,wow! Subrang tuwa kahit 2 weeks lang. Okay na at least kahit papaanu makasama ko mga anak ko at 9th birthday po yun ng panganay ko. Kaya, yun subrang happy lang. Enjoy, habang kasama ko sila. :-)

  4. Nag start ang 2016 ko ng maluwag ang pasok ng pera saamin. Nabayaran namin lahat ng utang nung naconfine ang baby namin last 2015. So isa yun sa mga magandang nagyari sa 2016 ko. Nakahinga din kami ng maluwag. Kalagitnaan ng taon na-regular sa trabaho amg hubby ko, sobrang happy kasi 3yrs na sya sa company nasuklian din ang sipag nya kaya masya ako para sakanya. Last part naman ng year 2016 ko before ako mag 23rd birthday nag start na ako manalo sa mga promos online malakig blessing din yun para saamin kasi kahit maliit na bagay ang napapanalunan malaking kabawasan din yun sa expenses namin. 😊 maganda rin ang 1st week ng 2017 ko, so sana magtuloy tuloy na ito. 😘 thank you for sharing MamaNee ❤

    1. Ang saya naman ng kwento mo! Wishing too na tuloy tuloy lang ang blessing for you and your family. ❤️

  5. Congratulations to all achievements MamaNee. ☺😉

  6. Yes Mamanee! I am enjoying every single moment with my little cutie patootie. Di ko tuloy alam kung dapat na ba ko maghanap ng work o focua muna talaga kay baby hehehe

  7. This is a meaningful post. I find it reflective and inspiring. You gave me an idea about writing something valuable. Thank you so much.