Get More Value with Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid!

Three words: Value for money. I am very keen with pricing and getting the most out of what I pay for. We work hard for what we earn and is always a smart move to invest in things that are effective but doesn't necessarily break the bank. 

I had a chance a while back to review Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid and I did give it much positive thoughts and now, I was happy since I received 3 bottles in it's 880ml size!


After reviewing Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid, it became a part of our daily dish washing routine. 

I still feel the same way about this brand because it certainly strikes my three words as a rule for buying products. 

So whats in Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid which makes it a great choice? Did you know that there are no harmful chemicals that make up this dishwashing liquid: De-ionized H2O, Coco Derived Surfactants, Preservative, Color and Perfume. So, not only are you saving money but you are helping the environment since it is bio-degradable. 


Because of the ingredients, this formula is gentle enough to use on your baby's bottles to wash, and you can also go with their Anti-Bacterial formula to seal the deal with eliminating germs. 

With 3 variants to choose from you can't go wrong and the best thing is that Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid will not leave an overpowering smell on your plates or cutlery because it's easy to rinse off. I don't think I would enjoy eating off a fragrant plate. Haha!


At 65Php for this 880ml bottle, truly it will go a long way - you might even catch their promos of two 880ml bottles for only 120Php! So keep a look out when you go to the supermarket. 



  1. Hi Mamanee. mukhang worth it naman po ang prize ng Bubble man diswashing liquid. mas makakatipid sa hugasin.