What Every Kid Should Know: It’s Okay to Be yourself

Every parent only wishes the best for their kids - do you agree lasses? 

Loving kids is completely unconditional and no matter if they fail or are successful at they do we will always be the first to cheer them on. 


I think the test of parenthood came for me when I learned and confirmed that my son was diagnosed as non-verbal Autistic - he basically had the motor skills equipped for his age but verbal and development skills was for a 0- 2 year old.

At first, I was devastated and then came along acceptance and it has been a learning and a rewarding experience for me as a mother.

With my little Bossing, I have learned that it is okay to encourage him with what he loves, which is drawing, watching YouTube kids videos, counting and watching animal shows.

One my son's first drawings
One of his first drawings, and now he can write the whole Alphabet!

Ever since we have taken to let him know that it's okay for him to be who he is and not suppress his meltdowns but encourage him to understand his emotions and frustrations, he has slowly developed into a happy and very loving child. 

He may not be as normal as any 5 year old boy would be but I want him to know that it is completely okay to be who he is. As a parent, I will keep supporting him and making him feel that he is loved, meltdowns and all. 

I seriously lost count with how many sketch pads and markers we have bought!

Let's be the parents that avoids to dictate how their children choose to be, it's not about forgetting their manners but it's letting them that we can help them grow up who they want to be with a helping hand and guidance. 

Our kids love us for who we are, don't you think they deserve the same? So let them wear mismatched socks, or a Super Hero costume during play time, let them vent without you scolding them but hold their hand through their sad times. 

This is a message that McDonald's wished to share with you: "Whether they finish first,last,or not at all,for parents,their kids are the best."

Take a peak at their commercial titled "Laging Mahal ni Nanay at Tatay" where they want to show kids that no matter what, Parents will always love them. 

So go and hug your kid today and tell them that it's okay to be themselves, its okay to be a kid and have fun and it's okay to have McDonald's large fries with a caramel sundae. :)



  1. Nakakatouch and at the same time nakakatuwa tong commercial na to ng Mcdo. NakakaLSS actually, saulo ko tong kanta hahahaha. I have to agree Mamanee na we all have to let our child enjoy. Minsan nga lang naman sila bata and supposedly dapat tayo ang magsupport to whatever endeavor they wanna take when they grow. Ang sarap lang talaga ng feeling maging ina. So fulfilling. 😍😍😍

    1. Totoo yan dear. The best feeling ever is when you become a mom. :)

  2. Very True Mamanee, our little kiddos deserves a love from us, we should let them express who they are, supports them in what they love to do.
    This commercial is heartwarming and we are also proud that our bff princess reiden is part of this videos (she is the cutie little girl who falls her things when mommy comes in a room, the one who played with a hair dryer and the one who takes a bath in an indoor pool with daddy)
    No matter what they do..
    "Laging Mahal ni Nanay at Tatay"
    Because our Kids makes us a Parent, they makes us who we are now.

    1. Oh wow! Congrats to your little princess being in this heartwarming video. :)