Power Dressing Basics from The Winning Image Workshop + Give-away!

It's 7:54AM and I am already out of the house to catch a ride to Ortigas, I like the thought of leaving early especially if I still need to look for the venue. Traffic was amazingly free flowing for Pasig and the sun was not too warm yet. I am a commuter and I am mostly fond of riding Jeepneys, the MRT or the the LRT to needed destinations especially if I am going solo.

I decided to wear a pair of dark denims, with a black racer back top and cardigan, I capped off the look with a my favorite pair of gray boots. My make was light with a nude lippie and my hair was slightly curled with a lot of body. 


I was off to a Personality Development Workshop titled "The Winning Image". When I told my Senior Manager, that I "needed" to take a leave so I could attend, he chuckled and said jokingly "You're not going to pass it anyway..." That was my point, even I didn't think I could be good at it, that's why I so much wanted to attend. I have always believed that there is always room to learn and I wanted to feel confident in everything I do.

The Winning Image was held in one of  the function halls at the Ortigas Foundation Library and as soon as I arrived I was greeted by Jonah Chipeco who is the Chief Marketing Office of Go Up Events. I loved the warm welcome to all the participants, while waiting we were served hot coffee, biscuits and offered to color cute masks to pass the time.

Get Creative!

With the numerous topics to learn, I was very interested in Power Dressing. I have just taken a new role in the company that I work for and being part of management, I would want to make sure I am dressed for the part.


Do you also have the problem when you are getting ready, of what to wear? I seriously do.. it sometimes poses as being stressful for me. So what did I learn from Liezel Obuga?

1. Always have the basics in your wardrobe: Blazer, v-neck shirts, slacks, dark denims, scarves and a button down shift.
2. Keeping the basic colors of black, beige and white makes it easier to mix and match.
3. Nude pumps go with everything.
4. Avoid abstract prints.
5. Clothes should not wear you, you should wear the clothes.
6. If you are wearing less than 8 accessories - you are under dressed.
7.The colors of your clothes may send off the wrong message.
8. Silver or gold accessories are considered to be classics.
9. Dress your age, if you are 40 and above, trendy may not look good on you.
10. Your hair is part of your outfit and your image .

These are only a few of the things that I learned from the workshop and there was so much more, which included Business Etiquette and Dining Etiquette.

Ms. Liezel Cabugo and I
Ms. Liezel Obuga and I

Liezel Obuga really enlightened me with a lot of things that I never knew of when it came to developing myself especially on the professional side. When you are dealing with business the is a certain perception you need to project and Liezel Obuga can definitely equip you with the necessary basics if it is your first time to interact on a business level. Definitely a worthy investment.

Make up Artist Darren Nicaso and Blogger Erica Poyauan as the model

We won in the raffle!

It was a very productive day and I also met some very amazing career women who all wanted to be empowered with a winning image. 

Overall, the workshop was organized well, and everyone enjoyed the participation, activities and the raffle!

The amazing sponsors
The amazing sponsors.

Now, why would you want to invest in a Personality Development Workshop? Because the best investment is in yourself because in everyday life you interact with people and you present yourself - You are the best message.

Group photo

Because I believe in sharing your blessings and I won in the raffle, I have a giveaway for you! Please head over to my Instagram to join or click on the embedded post below. 

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The Winning Image: Personality Development Workshop was sponsored by MSI Model Management and Development Center, David’s Salon, Black Beauty Philippines,Zen Zest, Luxent Hotel, and Skin White.

This event is organized by Go Up Events Management and Sayonato Branded Bags for Less Philippines.

Go Up Events Management is a registered business dedicated to building confidence among young professionals through organizing and marketing events about life skills, excellence at work, fun, and play.  Visit their Facebook page or email.


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