5 Must-Do's When Coaching People To See Results

Why? You probably are asking - why do I need this? If you have employees or managing a team then one way to manage effectively is to make sure you take that time to coach.

Coaching That Sticks

Not most employees think that coaching is needed and they feel - "Well, I'll let them know if they are doing anything wrong." This does not always motivate the employee to come in everyday. 

They need to know where they stand, how they are performing, what they could improve on and what could they do better. Giving them a list of these things isn't going to make it. Having that valuable conversation with the person you are managing not only creates a professional, healthy relationship to connect but also gives that person the sense of value. Do you really want to have an endless cycle of hiring and training people because employees left? Imagine how much your company could lose. 

 Let's talk about a few DO's when it comes to coaching: 

1. Know your coaching style - yes, you actually have one and probably don't know it yet. Are you the emotional type? Do you drill your employees down or do you help them to the extent that you almost took over their tasks? 

2. Get to know your employees - Beyond the work needs, your employees are humans to and to be effective with coaching, you need to know how they learn and what works for them.

3. Plan your coaching conversation - Effective communication with your employees is when you know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. You want to avoid sounding as though the employee is being reprimanded. You should always show both sides of the coin. 

4. Measure your effectiveness - Track your employees improvement and see if what you are coaching is making a difference. 

5. Highlight the positive - A job well done, either small or something that made your company shine is still positive. Let them feel the appreciation and allow them to know that you are with them every step of the way to success. 

Put all of these together and you are on your way to a fruitful, professional employee relationship with your employee.

Now, do you have all the tools to help you manage and provide the 5 Do's I just listed? If no is the answer - then let me give you a YES! 

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Coaching That Sticks

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