Suncelle by Tupperwear Brands PH | Your line for Sun Defense - even when it rains!

This weather.... super hot like it's like you are in the middle of the dessert and the humidity is unbelievable! Imagine how icky you feel when you are off to do your errands or you need to get to an appointment or  worse - you are commuting your way to work. 

But did you know that your skin is exposed to UV rays everyday rain or shine? Yup, you also get exposed to UV rays when cooking and using the computer.

Suncelle By Tupperware Brands PH

That Sun, whether rain or shine, is the main source of UV rays and can seriously damage your skin. We honestly and usually don't know what sun damage is like, most rely on the what we see like sun burned skin with peeling. But what damage can the sun cause? 

So it's like this - the sun gives off UV (Ultraviolet) rays or light and this damages your skin which also leads to sunburn. Prolong exposure leads to premature wrinkles, darkspots even to Melanoma and other skin cancers. 

They say that "Prevention is always better than cure". So better yet, let's invest lasses on authentic products that can help protect us from the harmful UV rays.  Perfect timing that I was invited to try the Suncelle line of Tupperware Brands PH. There are a lot of sun protection products but usually a little pricey for my range. 

Let's go through the products, shall we?

Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion

Suncelle By Tupperware Brands PH

  • SPF 30 PA++
  • 100ml
  • 239Php (special price)
This lotion is powerful since it protects your skin from both UVA (the ageing ray) and UVB (DNA damaging) rays, both which may cause skin cancer. It's SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 makes it safe for daily use while it s PA (Protection Grade of UV-A) will provide moderate protection from the sun. 

This lotion is your everyday wear type. I used it one sunny afternoon while my daughter and I went out. Commuting is a challenge with the warm weather and waiting for the jeep surely exposes you. I was happy and surprised how light to the skin this lotion felt. It was not sticky and it was so easy for my skin to absorb.  Because it's light weight, this makes a perfect lotion choice for those warm days. 

Suncelle Instant Cooling Spray


  • 50ml
  • 149Php (special price)
I was definitely excited to try this out and I place it in my daily bag as a staple now. It's handy spray bottle is perfect to slip into your bag for a quick pick up after being exposed in the sun. 

Imagine a day out in the city and you feel a little stinging on your arms - lo and behold you have just earned redness because of stinging rays of the sun! Spray this on the affected area to provide some relief.

This cooling spray contains Aloe Vera which relieves redness and inflammation plus Allantoin which locks in moisture. You get a dose of sunscreen to boot!

So if your skin (including the face) feel dry, spray this on for that instant cooling feeling.

Suncelle Invisible Sunscreen Spray

Suncelle by Tupperware Brands PH

  • 75ml
  • SPF50 PA+++
  • 326Php (Special price) UVA/UVB
Now this I have to say made me giddy. I have been using a similar spray by another brand but found it too pricey. The Suncelle brand will allow me to save more than a hundred pesos! 

I used this on my daughter when we went out, the spray spout distributed the product evenly on my daughter's skin and the scent was faint not to overpower her cologne. This absorbed easily into her skin and did not leave off a greasy feel.

With SPF 50 and PA +++ this is great to protect your skin during outdoor activities and if you are not the lotion type of person - then this is the right product for you. Another plus, since it's water resistant, it's your perfect partner for the beach, just make sure to reapply after swimming. 

Suncelle Sunscreen Facial Moisturizer


  • 50ml
  • SPF40 PA++ UVA/UVB
  • 239Php (special price)
I remember I was told that I had sun damaged wrinkles :( huhu. I have to admit that I am lazy on the sunblock/sunscreen. So if you want to make sure that you provide protection for your face against the ageing rays of the sun - then try this out. 

This moisturizer finishes matte which helps minimize oil and shine. Awesome right? Perfect needs to wear underneath your make up or foundation.

Tupperware Brands have always produced quality cosmetics and skin care - the Suncelle line also proves it's great output to meet the needs of the Filipino woman to an affordable choice. 

I would honestly recommend the Suncelle Sunscreen product line and I really love the products that I was able to try - no kidding here. 

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Tell me below what makes the Suncelle products interesting for you?



  1. I like it kasi pwede sakin and sa anak it's safe!

  2. I like them especially the cooling spray and the facial moisturizer. Plus pwede din ito sa mga kids. Very safe!

  3. Mas bet ko Suncelle Instant Cooling Spray, parang feeling ko marerelax ka pag spray mo nun lalo na pag init na init ka tapos super iritable kana. 😁