Lessen Maintenance Drugs Cost and Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle with Grayns

Rice - can you live without it? As a Filipino may say, most likely not. That's why we have restaurants that offer unlimited rice meals and it's a definite staple that would be on every Filipino Family dinner table (plus lunch and sometimes snack!).

Technology has come a long way with making the simple tasks for a human more convenient and you just cannot do away without a rice cooker nowadays. How about a rice cooker that will cook your rice perfectly plus lessen starch? 

Grayns Philippines

Take the genius that of technology, convenience and being health conscious and output is Grayns: The Revolutionary Rice Cooker. 

The starch in rice is where the unhealthy sugar content lies - and this is what leads to a high sugar diet especially if you are the unlimited rice type of person. 

Grayns Philippines

Grayns Philippines

If you are trying to overcome or maintain a lifestyle experiencing Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Premature signs of aging, high cholesterol and Cancer - Grayns Rice Cooker might be the answer to help you lower the intake of starch.

Here are the benefits you can experience with the Grayns Rice Cooker: 

  1. Lower GI
  2. Easier Digestion and no more bloating
  3. Recommended for diabetes and weight loss
  4. Less sugar means slower aging
  5. Tastes better, fluffier, and at least 50% more volume when cooked
  6. Stays fresh longer
  7. Keeps your energetic and full for longer
  8. Lessen sleepiness and lethargy.

  9. Grayns Philippines

    Grayns Philippines

Watch more about Grayns Rice Cooker below:

You can find out more and order the Grayns Rice Cooker from their Facebook Page here, also you can purchase on an installment basis through selected Abenson's Stores.

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