Orabella Gold In Beauty Whitening Products

August 5 marked the day where I was able to discover the Orabella Gold In Beauty whitening products. I was not so sure what to expect during the launch since the brand is fairly new to the market. 

Orabella Gold In Beauty

I never thought I would have had so much fun during a brand launch. The hosts were quirky, my seat mates were quirkier and Orabella was very generous with their products that the bloggers had a chance to try out their full sized products in the limited edition gold pouch!

I tried out the Orabella system for 7 days to test if it's effective and see for myself the benefits of using their whitening products. 

Watch the video below for my 7 day journey:

So what does the Orabella Gold In Beauty system kit contain? Here are the 7 products:

1. Orabella 5-in-1 Whitening Deodorant - this product whitens, refines, instantly refreshes, retards hair growth and prevents perspiration. 

2. Orabella 2-in-1 night cream - Whitening, anti-aging and instantly hydrating. 

3. Orabella 8-in-1 daycream (my favorite) - Whitens, moisturizes, refines, protects, primer, BB cream, powder and sunblock.

4. Orabella Whitening Intimate Wash - whitens, protects and instantly refreshes. 

5. Orabella Whitening Hand and Body lotion - Instantly whitens, moisturizes and protects. 

6. Orabella Whitening Soap - whitens, brightens and instantly smoothens. 

7. Orabella Whitening facial Toner - whitens, clarifies and instantly tightens.

I honestly had my favorites and I do see this as worth the money if you want to achieve whitening results plus you get to experience the elite NanoCare technology whitening Nano particles. 

Watch my final thoughts on the Orabella Gold in Beauty skincare system:

If you are interested in the system kit, please contact Orabella through their Facebook Page here. 


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