The Value of Sharing Moments Together by Uratex

The holiday season within the Filipino Family is all about the time that we get to share with friends and family. By the end of the day before our goodnights, you would usually have short conversation at the bedside to reminisce the day.


Uratex salutes the importance of family traditions and with celebrating their 50 years this 2018, Uratex unveiled a Christmas themed video to celebrate those family memories created at the bedside.

Watch Uratex's video which will melt your hearts and make you feel fuzzy inside.

Uratex Philippines is a leader in the foam manufacturing industry and the brand believes that family love. comfort and looking out for each other are vital. 

Uratex Beds provide the ultimate comfort to help with a healthy and relaxing sleep night after night which helps the family feel energized to face the day. 

The founders of Uratex, Robert and Natividad Y. Cheng - for the past five decades the products that they have produced celebrates the beauty of love and life and each mattress is the result of the Chengs' vision to share comfort with every Filipino. 


The special Uratex video is brought to you by Uratex Philippines, produced by Mode Devi Media Group and in collaboration with Project Geekid Productions & Wonderlast Film. 

Visit Uratex Philippines website and follow them on Facebook for updates. 

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