Tupperware Brands PH| Limited Edition Minions Flask with Sipper Seal Review

Ever since that first Despicable Me movie came out, I so much became a fan. Who wouldn't with those super cute Minions (that actually made the movie even more famous and popular in my opinion) that just robbed everyone's heart.

The Minion craze has been a whirlwind that kids and adults alike have started collecting these little figures from toys to anything with their cute little yellow images on it.

Tupperware Brands PH

Despicable Me 3 was just released this year and again it proved to be watch worthy. Tupperware Brands PH has just launched their tribute to these yellow cuties with their Limited edition Minion Flasks with Sipper Seal.

These flasks are made in the tradition of quality that only Tupperware can bring with 10 year manufacturing Warranty, if you are looking for a great gift for the Minion enthusiast, then this is a great way to go.

Tupperware Brands PH

The Limited Edition Minion Flasks come in 4 colors: 

Tupperware Brands PH
Salt Water Taffy
Tupperware Brands PH
Jet Black

Tupperware Brands PH
Snow White

Tupperware Brands PH
These also come in a clear plastic box with the Despicable M3 logo which is perfect for gift giving and you can see in my YouTube video.

Let me share with you my thoughts on these flasks.

What I liked:
  • Clear flasks (I can see what beverage is inside.)
  • Can be used for Hot and cold beverages 
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturing warranty
  • Sipper itself is better than using a straw (easy to clean) 
  • Leak proof 
Tupperware Brands PH
Wide sipper spout which makes it easy to clean.

Tupperware Brands PH
Each flask comes with it's own hand strap

What could have been better:
  • Wish there were more colors!

It's really hard to pinpoint anything bad about Tupperware Brands Philippines products since ALL their products are made with such great quality. I love these flasks since they are perfect for my work since it is spill proof and easy to clean.

Get yours now from Tupperware Brands PH while they are still around! They are currently at a promo price of 499Php (Regular retail price 629Php). Go check them out in this month's Tupperware Brands PH December Brochure or contact your Tupperware distributor in your area.

For more updates follow Tupperware Brands Philippines through their social media accounts FacebookInstagramTwitter and visit their website for more amazing products. 



  1. Minions are soo adorable.. favorite namin ng anak ko.. my daughter cant get enough of watching them over and over (memorize na ang mga lines.. ��)
    These Flasks is cutie.. tupperware brands talga magnda quality mamanee, even with my mom’s time.. trusted brand at home na talaga..

    1. Truly adorable! Same din ng son ko paulit ulit ang pag watch. :)

  2. Omg super nice love ng son ko yan and. E as well haha. Tupperware always surprises us with super nice products

  3. Owww i love this perfect Christmas gift for my inaanak this Christmas since he love minions and this is totally cool. I think u could one for myself hehehe

  4. Wow ang ganda, pwede pang gift sa mga inaanak this Christmas. Cute pa kasi minions ang design which is very popular with kids