Dermclinic Review: IPL (Intense Pulse Light) for Dummies

Have you ever had one of those For Dummies books? These extensive reference books have sold millions worldwide because they breakdown any How-To's into something understandable.

Nagmamaganda lang Hehe.

This is exactly how I felt when I was prepping for my first ever IPL treatment from Dermclinic called Nulight IPL. The nurses and Dermatologists just stood as my human For Dummies book by letting me know of the do's and don'ts which is not usually available on the internet.

What is IPL you ask? It's a procedure which uses pulse light technology at specific wavelengths which targets your hair follicles to stop growing. After a few sessions, your hair will inhibit from growing at all - no more shaving, waxing or plucking!

If you are wanting to experience the Nulight IPL treatment from Dermclinic - I will share with you what you should not and should do plus what I experienced with my first appointment.

Dermclinic Nulight Treatment
The IPL Machine

It's really hard to keep up with my schedule where I work nights and basically have 4 hours of sleep in a day. Waxing is sometimes put off and I really don't want to shave (chicken skin). I have heard of IPL before but never also had the time to research further.

When I was offerd by Dermclinic to review their NuLight Underarm and Full leg procedure, I readily said yes - well Summer is here right?

Despite the number if times I tried to Google how to prepare for an IPL session - there was hardly any info - great thing that their nurses are fully experienced and they guided me through my preparation.

Here's what you need to do before an IPL session:

1. Don't pluck, shave or wax for 1 to 2 weeks - they need to see the condition of your hair growth to make sure the treatment is as effective as possible plus they also need to see the area where your hair grows.
2. Do not use any whitening product (lotion, deodorant and the likes) on the areas to be treated since this could affect how your skin will respond to you treatment including burning of the skin - yikes!
3. Ditch your whitening deodorant 1 week prior to your treatment and use a deodorant powder Like Milcu or an unscented deodorant like Arm and Hammer to keep your underarms free from perspiration and odor.
4. Avoid using drying soap, they suggest unscented Dove to make sure your skin is prepared and moisturized prior to treatment especially if you are getting your legs done.
5. Keep using lotion, dry skin during the treatment can cause burning. Just make sure that it does not contain whitening components and the less of the strong scent the better.
6. Do not go swimming right before treatment - if you do have plans make sure that it is 7 days before your actual appointment.

I had my first session Nulight Underarm last Saturday and I was surprised how quick it was for the underarm area. I have to admit I was a little scared at first when my attending nurse, Carol P. said the treatment may give me a little pain - I was not sure I wanted to go through pain HAHA. I was lucky that Carol P. guided me and on what I would expect and surprisingly, I hardly felt the pain - while the laser gun goes over the targeted area you feel like your underarm hair is being plucked, the feeling is more felt when the laser gun goes a more dense area.

Dermclinic Nulight Treatment
My eyes were covered with these goggles to protect them from the laser pulse light. 

After the laser treatment, Carol P. spread cream over the treated area to avoid any swelling. 

Unfortunately, I had to reschedule my Full leg area treatment (entirely my fault) since my skin was dry - I opted not use lotion at all for the entire week haha. Again the onsite dermatologist advised that my skin needed to be hydrated and I should use lotion to make sure that I would not experience burning. 

Dermclinic Nulight Treatment
Heto lang kaya ko ehhhh, blurred underarm - I am not ready for the world to see it. Haha.

I am excited for the full leg Nulight IPL treatment and I will surely share my experience with you. Meanwhile, he are some tips to make sure you only get the best experience during your IPL appointment:

1. Always tell your nurse the truth about your activities and what products you were using or suffer the consequences - chlorine, whitening agents, scent allergies can be a factor for your skin to react negatively to the treatment which includes burning and pain.
2. Hydrate before your appointment, your skin will thank you for it.
3. Schedule your appointments wisely, if you have a summer outing in a few days then hold off your appointment till after.

For after care, I was asked to change my soap, use a Hydrocortisone cream and continue to use the unscented deodorant. I was also asked not to take a bath until 24 hours has passed, when I do avoid bathing with warm water. 

So until my next session! 

Let me know if you have any questions plus if you too have experienced IPL treatments, I will be really interested to hear your stories. :) 


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