Super8 Grocery Warehouse Funfest 2018 | Super Bidang Buhay!

I am an admitted bargain hunter - I like the thought of getting savings, but I sometimes splurge too (can't help it at times). So anything new to me that spells bargain, I am so for it!

Then I heard about the Super8 Funfest event with the theme Super Bidang Bahay coming up and I was really curious to what the fuss was about. Turns out that this is their 6th year to being savings, discounts and many more for their loyal Super8 Rewards cardholders. Not a Super8 Rewards cardholder yet, I heard you say? Don't worry since they have been kind enough to allot one day for non-cardholders.

Super8 Grocery Warehouse
With Benie (Cubao Branch Manager)

On April 26 and 27, all Super8 Rewards cardholders will get to experience shopping deals, entertainment numbers from celebrity guests, raffle prizes and freebies from product booths. While on April 28, the event will be open to non-cardholders. 


I visited their Cubao Branch yesterday and met the very charming as well as very accommodating Branch Manager Benie (short for Bonifacia, so cute right?). The Cubao branch has been around for 2 years and most of their customers are those with sari-sari stores but they have a good number of regular retail customers too. 

Super8 Grocery Warehouse
Pants for the little lad!

Benie gave me a tour of their branch, and we had a delightful conversation about how customer can really save money with their bulk promos. I can see how much passion she places into her role with humbleness - talk about customer service with her sweet smile to all customers!

Super8 Grocery Warehouse
See that smug smile? It's her favorite, great thing it was on promo!

Super8 Grocery Warehouse
Another fave of hers that is on a discounted price!

I loved that the prices of promos could be easily distinguished from afar since their tags were yellow, so I learned very quickly that yellow meant discount or promo. 

The store reminds me of those in the Marikina Market where wholesale items are available and yes I hoarded a little upon seeing that they had 3 for 100Php, and 3 for 75Php and Buy 3, Take 1 items in store. Benie and I has something in common and that was the use of Inter folded Paper Towels! So I took advantage of their Buy 3, Take 1 on the Aloha brand.

Super8 Grocery Warehouse

There was also a section in the store, called Super Sulit Points where you could earn an extra 25 points on your Super8 Rewards card with a 500Php purchase from the participating section (I suggest your bring your math skills or calculator for this). 

I asked Benie what they could expect from the Super8 Funfest and she said that there are going to promos that will be exclusive to the event which are not usually available in store. 

Super8 Grocery Warehouse

So to entice you more take a look at these promotional posters that they have up.

See what raffle prizes they have at stake and you might win! 

Super8 Funfest

Check out the celebrities that you could be bumping into:

Super8 Funfest 2018 Celebrities

You can also sign up for a Super8 Rewards card at the event venue just by bringing along a valid ID and 100Php for the membership fee and you can be issued a rewards card on the same day to gain access to the members day of April 26 and April 27.

Thank you to Benie and her staff who were very accommodating and made us feel like a star!
Super8 Grocery Warehouse

Super8 Grocery Warehouse

Want to know more about Super8 Funfest 2018: Super Bidang Buhay or how to get to the venue? You can visit their Frequently Asked Questions here

You can also visit their Facebook page to keep up with their promos and discounts. 

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