Plumcare DNA Advisor | Take Charge of Your Family's Health

What if you can detect a disease or illness before it happens? That would allow you to adjust your lifestyle and habits and may even extend your life longer.

Imagine that technology now and you get the opportunity to take charge of not only your but of your family's health too. Using DNA samples from adults and children above 6 years old using a saliva tube from the collection kit (children younger than 6 will be taken samples by using a swab sponge), these test specimens are sent to a high-quality and reliable genetic testing laboratory in the US. The test is designed for families of 3 (Trio Test) and more and relies only on the best cutting edge technology.

Plumcare DNA Advisor

Plumcare DNA Advisor uses WES (Whole Exome Sequencing) which maps out the exact composition of approximately 20,000 genes where nearly 85% of disease causing DNA variations are found. These diseases include hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.

Plumcare is US based and they will process your DNA samples, where you will receive the results within 60 days after the samples are received in the US. After which you will be provided with a consultation with Genetics Counsellors to give you advice to make the needed lifestyle adjustments and preventive care.

Plumcare has partnered with Cordlife Philippines who they consider to be the best class partner for Asia. Cordlife Philippines is the first and only DOH registered, ISO certified and AABB accredited cord blood banking facility in the Philippines.

Plumcare DNA Advisor

With Plumcare and Cordlife partnering, this will allow families to predict family carried diseases (that may be passed down through genetics) and can be prevented or managed if predicted early on.

See the highlights of the media launch here.

Interested for more details? Go click this: I want to protect my family's health. You can also schedule a consultation by calling (02) 470 1735, (02) 332 1888 and via mobile +63 998 848 6064.

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