Is Your Kid Struggling to Read? Read This Now

I am absolutely grateful that my little lass graduated from Kinder 2 this year and is an incoming Grade 1 student but I also am worried since she still is struggling with reading and spelling. 

She isn't a top performer in school and with her transferring school we just don't want her to feel that she is not doing her best or worst to be labeled as stupid. 

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So to help her prepare for this school year - what can we do to help her? This is why I was very interested to learn about the upcoming Dispelling Myths: Your child is NOT bobo. A Dyslexia Awareness and Intervention Summit which is to help parents, teachers, school administrators and counselors understand the condition Dyslexia. Early detection is needed to help prevent long term social consequences. 

This summit is happening on June 9, 2018 at the National Institute of Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED), UP Diliman from 9AM to 3PM. 

Ms. Veronica Quintana-Arioder is the resource speaker who is the founder and developer of Instant Reader™. She completed her diploma course in Dyslexia at Blackford Center for Dyslexia in the United Kingdom. 

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"Currently, Instant Reader™ is now delving into the concerns of struggling readers who are already trapped inside the walls of their classrooms, silently craving and crying for help — the Dyslexics. Statistics reveal that 20% of the population is affected but never diagnosed."

ReadRight Inc. developed the Instant Reader program which is the pioneer and the only research based system that can make any non-reader and non-English speaker learn the quickly in the most effective way. ReadRight Inc. has been around for 15 years and is headquartered in the UP Los Ba┼łos campus. 

You can visit their Facebook page or website for more info. 

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