My Birthday Wish this 2018

I dread the birthdays now, not because my age is starting to show but it honestly feels like a countdown and being in my forties has made me feel like I have started counting down to the years left to spend with my children. 

My Birthday Wish

But I am still grateful to the years that I have been given - it may not be the life I envisioned when I was younger but it definitely is the life my heart would want. The contentment I feel with having the two kids I dreamed of, a job that supports the family and a husband who is absolutely patient and understanding.

Sharing my wishes for this birthday:

1. I hope God keeps me strong and healthy and mentally - I have been battling a few demons with anxiety hitting it's lowest form and my health has somewhat deteriorated this year. 

2. Patience and wisdom - It's hard to handle the job I have where sometimes it does challenge your patience and I have a job where everyone expects you to be perfect. Which I am absolutely not. 

3. My husband to continue to be patient, understanding and loving - I am not the perfect wife or the ideal wife. My flaws are one too many. 

4. A smooth sailing 42nd Year. - Less stress, less heartaches, less of the bad stuff - more on the good vibrations. 

5. Continuous love and support from my lasses - I continue to share and stay on social media because of you. 

Thank you Lord for another year to celebrate. :) 

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