What the Regine V and Sarah G Concert Meant For Me

It's gone viral, the unique combination of two big artists in a back to back concert at Araneta Coliseum. The songs, the talent, the skill and the amazing conversation with Regine's cockiness in between really sealed that night, that anyone that had the opportunity to watch the concert was smitten. 

I have been a Regine Velasquez fan since my younger days and she would guest on GMA Supershow - I looked forward to watching her sing on television because like anyone, I was mesmerized by her tone, I also followed her movies. I have to admit that I am not a Sarah Geronimo fan only because I cannot connect with her, but I do love her movies and her acting (super cute). 

Convergys Made By You

Regine V is close to my heart because it was her songs that I related to mostly especially when my older sister (who we lost to Cancer, 4 years ago) took up voice lessons and started to sing her songs. My sister's favorite was "You Are My Song" and I said to myself that going to the concert within my birthday week would be like getting that chance to feel my sister's spirit.  Dammit Regine V, when you started to belt out that song, my tears did not stop at all from start to finish. I felt like it was my sister singing to me. `

But that wasn't all - there was a bigger picture to this concert beyond the big stars that was featured and that was Convergys. I have been with the company for 5 straight years and my career as well as me personally, grew with the company. Convergys was my dream company from the first time I started working with the BPO industry back in 2004 and saw their billboard along SLEX. 

Social media has made fun of Convergys especially when the news broke out about Synnex acquiring the company to join Concentrix. Yes, people can laugh about how Convergys was acquired but there is one thing that Convergys will have - 15 years of success. 15 years of building leaders, 15 years of building relationships and 15 years of building a brand - no one can deny it. If you have been in BPO industry as long as I have, you will know that Convergys has set it's standard in the industry that if you came from this company as a tenured agent or leader - there is no more question about your skill and talent as an employee. 

I was emotional throughout the concert especially when our Ivic Mueco (President for Asia-Pac, Convergys) breezed through her town hall and kicked off what Convergys as a brand meant for her. Yes, we are counting down to the days when we will see Convergys as a company and as the company that helped me realize that I could always do better. 

Convergys Made By You

This much talked about concert was about merging two companies together; both bright stars in the BPO industry, both leading the BPO industry in The Philippines, both with a culture that values employees and both awarded with top recognition relating to the industry. Much like Regine V. and Sarah V., where they proved that bringing together these giants can always result to something great. 

That positive subliminal message (in my opinion) was that, we may be going through this change soon but coming together is going to be a great thing - thank you Ivic Mueco for standing with us through this upcoming change, it is no question why you have been named one of the most influential women. 

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