My Experience at Pinto Art Museum

I have always heard and read about The Pinto Art Museum and you can see the photos all over Social Media - the features would be mostly about the backgrounds that are "Instgramable" and a few photos of the art here and there. 

I was very curious about the place since I grew up with the love for Museums and history depicted through art. I still have to find my love for the modern art. Last Sunday, my husband and I finally went out on a long overdue date and we aimed for Antipolo - somewhere near but could still get away from the city. 

Pinto Art Museum
Main Entrance of Pinto Art Museum

There was less of a traffic that day and we did get there pretty swiftly with the help of  Waze. The bike ride was fun and thrilling with a little panic attack on the side (God knows what triggered it). 

Thankfully we arrived at Pinto Art Museum and grateful that we had a motor bike so it was easy for us to park - there is no dedicated parking lot and cars are parked along the road. The actual entrance isn't so noticeable unless you see the people walking in and out of the gate and the not so elaborate sign made of metal.

Upon entry, the ticketing area is as soon as you enter the first gate on the right, I was planning to vlog until I saw that one of the rules listed under the Rules and Policies was "No Video allowed" - okay that sucked LOL.  We paid a 200Php each for the entrance and we were given a map and tickets to enter. There is a second gate before you actually enter the museum. 

Pinto Art Museum
Ticketing area and entrance 

As we walked in, I felt I was in a page of the book The Secret Garden and I was immediately transported into my childhood, my husband felt he walked into another country and he was transported to Sicily. 

We started off with the Upper garden and roof deck sunset view which we struggled with since it started to drizzle and we did not bring our umbrella. Since the drizzle turned into rain, we opted to go to Cafe Rizal which is only restaurant that serves food and drinks - both of us were not hungry and we opted to order drinks to-go - chamomile tea for me and Strawberry Fritzer for him. Mind you though, beverages are not allowed inside the galleries. 

We then went to The Pinto Academy where there were the Antipolo stones on display and the burial artifacts - we hardly got good shots because we tried as much as to avoid just taking photos versus appreciating the art.

Pinto Art Museum
Loved this structure which reminds me of the Spanish Era Churches right between Gallery 5 and 6

The husband and I trekked (because it felt like a trek) to Gallery 1 to 6 - this was our favorite. Every gallery was a surprise with every turn and there were pieces that we drawn to - our favorite was Confluence by Neil Manalo and the husband and I had quite a discussion with how we understood each section of the large painting, which turned out to be an entire collection of  Neil Manalo's square canvas art work from 1999 which shows the positive and negative people's society - this is what we learned from one of the keepers who was standing right behind us and listening to our mini-debate. 

Pinto Art Museum
The husband with Neil Manalo's Confluence

We also found curiosity in the Beetle vehicle in Gallery 2 - I think this is where there were more Contemporary art was showcased which I yet have to discover an appreciation for. 

Pinto Art Museum

Each gallery offered a place to sit a be curious and that's the time we got to take photos mostly when we were resting. After we left Gallery 6 - the rain poured and we decided to go back to the Pinto Art Gallery where we were surprised that the series of artwork featured was by Richard Gomez entitled When Evening Comes which on that day was being launched. 

Pinto Art Museum
When Evening Comes by Richard Gomez (sorry for the poor photo)

We was not able to catch a glimpse of him though. We waited the rain out before leaving but we spent a good 1 and a 1/2 going through Pinto Art Museum.

Our day was capped off with a meal from Cafe Lupe and a sunset watch at the overlooking point in Antipolo. 

Pinto Art Museum
Hmmm...what to order? Nope, it isn't the wrong way around on my end :) 

Pinto Art Museum
Great way to cap off our date

So here are some tips that we would like to share with you, if it will be your first time to visit: 

1. Go early. The museum opens at 9AM, the afternoon has more people especially from lunch on wards.
2. Wear cool, comfortable clothing and shoes that are comfy to walk in. There are a lot of places which are a little humid plus so many steps to walk up and down to, to get around the entire museum. 
3. Bring an umbrella. Pinto Art Museum is mostly open air and you will need to walk from building to building. It's hard to find a spot to get cover from the rain. Unless you are in Gallery 1 to 6. 
4. No food or drinks is allowed inside and you will need to purchase from Cafe Rizal. There is a vendor outside that sells soda, biscuits, and candies but you wouldn't want to exit if you are inside. 
5. Do not bring a large bag or backpack with you - you will be asked to leave it at the baggage counter as soon as you enter. 
6. Just enjoy, explore and be curious (from the husband). 

Have you visited Pinto Art Museum yet? Or can you suggest any other museum for us to visit? Would love to hear about it in the comments below.