Why I am Switching to Goya Spreads

Now this isn't your typical "I-am-switching-because-it's-cheaper" post but I am going to share why it is always better to buy Goya Spreads above any other choco spread but not making the quality (or your budget suffer). 

My fave - choco-banana 

Once a fan, always a fan - yes I am an admitted choco addict, it doesn't matter what brand it is or in what form but I just sooo cannot get over chocolate. It always serves as a pick me up or food to place me in a happy place. Little trivia but chocolate can actually make you happy with boosting production of endorphins which makes you happy - the higher the cocoa content the better the benefits. 

Ok, back to why I am switching spreads. Pure taste - imagine the same indulgence of an expensive imported brand that you crave for every time you walk past it in the grocery aisle. You pick it up and then salivate a little, check the price then snap back to reality. KAPOW! IT DOES NOT fit within the budget. So you settle, for a more affordable brand but the nuts are different but still has chocolate - oh well. 

My hubhub has been buying brand X mostly where the kids are eating it - however when I bought home the Goya Choco Hazelnut Choco Spread - my daughter went beserk with the taste and no longer touched Brand X moving forward. 


I therefore conclude, that we are officially switching because you just cannot sacrifice the taste of a good choco spread and I am sure that Chef AJ Reyes of Privatus would agree, especially that Iearned from his talk when I attended the Goya Lifestyle event that you can also go innovative with food. 


Yup, you can always go cheaper but you will not get the satisfaction out of it without the taste you are longing for and given that Goya Choco Spreads are only Php154 SRP for a 350g bottle it is still affordable than the imported brand.

Goya Double Hazlenut spread is Goya's Premium brand made in Germany. You can use it on crackers, breads, banana's, cereal toppings or what's best is on a spoon haha. 

Make the smart choice, be practical without the total sacrifice - look for Goya Choco Spreads at your local supermarket today. 


  1. Zyra Aloba (Zyian Axel)September 17, 2018 at 10:50 AM

    Yummy spread 😋😋😋 favorite ng daughter ko yan lower price than other spread pero same quality ang sarap 😍😍 Goya lover here! 😍😍

  2. May kalaban na nutella sa lasa pero sa price lamang ang goya��