REVIEW | Why You Should Switch to Shampoo Bars Starting Today

From ECO-bags to reusable diapers, to bamboo straws and now Shampoo Bars - it's amazing how there is so much variety with how you can help the environment in your little way. 

You've most probably walked by one of those Organic Cosmetic Stores before and the scent that the store omits is crazy satisfying and when you picked up a soap or shampoo bar - you check the tag and gulp and probably walked away with a heavy heart. 

Your Go To Naturals Shampoo Bars

What if you can get the same euphoric feeling by the scent but pay less the price tag and not less the quality? I am so happy that there are now locally made shampoo bars that you can purchase online - Meet Your Go To Naturals. It's a store that specializes in Organic cosmetics. 

I recently received their variety of shampoo and conditioner bars and I have to say I am impressed so far. I honestly did not expect much but I have been proven wrong with one of the shampoo bars I have used and I am currently using. 

Most of the raw materials are imported from Australia and each bar is packaged in paper. This means less plastic bottles - it takes 450 years for a bottle to decompose versus paper which only takes 2 to 6 weeks to decompose. You are already making a big difference by switching.

Let's talk about the Rich Keratin Conditioner Bar since this was the bar which seduced my sense of smell - it's a Rich & Luxurious Keratin Treatment with Marula, Cinnamon, Lavender and Rosemary. It's color safe and can serve as an antioxidant for your hair. This bar can also help fine and limp strands for a stronger mane.

Your Go To Naturals Shampoo Bars
Smells like you walked into a Spa! Rich Keratin Conditioner Bar

Next up is the Healing Gugo Bar which has Non-irritating gugo, cinnamon extracts and caffeine extracts. This bar is best for normal or thinning hair. Caffeine helps stimulate hair growth while Cinnamon will help to strengthen your scalp. 

Your Go To Naturals Shampoo Bars
Another amazingly scented bar - Healing Gugo Bar, perfect to treat my falling hair.

If you ever wanted to try a Shampoo bar for your babies (from 1 year old and up) then the Soothing Oats Shampoo and body bar which is moisturizing and hydrating. This can also be used as a body bar. 2-in-1 without a plastic bottle. 

Your Go To Naturals Shampoo Bars
Perfect for Babies! - Soothing Oats Shampoo and Body Bar

Lastly, and my running fave is the Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo Bar. This is a combination of Tea tree, Apple Cider Vinegar, Nettle and Rosemary. If you are prone to dandruff, then this is the bar for you. This bar is the first shampoo bar I used, and I am surprised that it lathers up. I was a little skeptic at first but after rinsing my hair - I used I wide tooth comb and it went straight through with hardly any tangles! 

Your Go To Naturals Shampoo Bars
With 4X of being used already - love this Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

It's my 3rd wash using the Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo Bar so far and I am happy, I am about to find out how many washes will it take before it runs out. My hair is pretty thick and it needs a lot of shampoo to wash. So stay tuned to this post as I update it with my review.

10/15 UPDATE - 
I do not wash my hair everyday because it can cause drying. So, I also asked my husband to also test out the Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo Bar. We got a total of 20 washes It is definitely my favorite because it is non-drying to my scalp and my husband says it feel nice to the hair. 

I have also tried out the Keratin conditioner Bar and at first my hair did not react to it, but on my second, my hair felt softer. Not necessarily smoother since I do have coarse hair strands. This bar is the softest out of the lot. 

My kids have also started using the Soothing Oats bar - I think the best thing we like about this bar is that it's natural and it smells good. 

11/20 UPDATE - 
My husband and I both loved the Shampoo bars, because they do not dry out our hair at all. The only drawback was that our bathroom was enclosed so the bars didn't dry up as needed after each wash. Next time we should definitely let it air dry to last longer. I would also suggest that if you have more that one Shampoo bar, get them individual soap dishes.  It's definitely a thumbs up for me :) 

Visit Your Go To Naturals on Instagram and Facebook they currently accept shipping and pick-up of orders from their Maginhawa Store with payment options of BDO and BPI. 


  1. Your post made me want to try those shampoo bars!

    1. Super life changing amiga! I love it so farrrr :)

  2. cielo Jona: wow meron din para sa baby ang cute shampoo soap 😍