My Convergys Story: Never Stop Learning

I first saw a Convergys Billboard along SLEX when I was in my 20's (way long ago) and I had not joined the BPO industry back then since the requirements were pretty high. I was still working in the retail industry as a sales lady for a Clothing Boutique in a Mall. 

I told myself, that I would want to work for Convergys one day. Fast forward to a few years when I finally got the guts to apply as an agent for an International BPO and still did not get the chance to join Convergys since there was not a site near me then. 

A few years forward, there smack in the front of the building I was working in at the time, the newest building in Eastwood City, was MDC 100 - the new home of Convergys.

My Convergys Story

Then, with no plan whatsoever, I decided to apply on December 27th 2012, out of whim (whim = petty quarrel with husband). I was surprised that I passed the initial interview and tests. I had experience since 2004 with BPO's and my last job was as a Trainer and I was asked by the final interviewer, if I was fine that I would be entering the company as an agent - without a bat of an eye, I said yes. I didn't mind starting from the front line.

I became an official employee of Convergys on January 23, 2013 and my career was the most fruitful with Convergys. I was an Agent for 4 months, a Product Ready Trainer for almost 2 years, promoted as Trainer, then became a Supervisor. I just celebrated my 5th year with Convergys as an employee. 

Emotions are high as I see that we are slowly merging with Concentrix which is part of the Synnex Group of companies - happy, excited and sad. I am happy because we still get to work with the people and maintain business as usual, excited because I can feel how welcomed we are and sad - because the brand that I have looked up to since I first found out about BPO's, will cease to exist and be a memory. 

When we first saw the news on Social Media about Convergys being on the market, I honestly dismissed it as fake news, until the announcement came internally and everything else went by so fast until October 5, when I saw the facilities team start peeling the Convergys logo stickers from the glass doors. My heart pulled a string as I saw the small posters and signs being replaced. I smile when I see them for two reasons, happy that a company still wants to work with us but sad because Convergys is so close to my heart. 

I will be forever grateful to the company that molded me as a professional. Convergys and it's people changed my perception about work, management, collaboration, team work and tough love. Convergys kept me on my toes to never stop learning something new and from the challenges that I would encounter. 

As I say goodbye to the brand that is most sentimental to me - all I can say is Thank you. Thank you for supporting me to grow, it was never smooth but every challenge was worth the journey. Thank you for allowing me to meet the people that I have with my journey or I could not have be where I am right now and thank you for teaching me to be never satisfied with my performance but to continuously strive to be better - it's been one amazing journey, and cheers to One Bold Future. 


  1. This make my cry. I am feeling the exact same thing, Mamanee. Thank you for putting into words, the feelings that I cannot express.

  2. Ow. My marketing boss mentioned years ago that in a few years, call centers will fold na raw one by one. A merge sometimes bring change and good thing for open minded peeps like you na see such kind of change as a positive one and never a failure nor the end. Good luck

    1. Yes this is definitely not a failure but a new journey. :) Thank you!

  3. Exciting days ahead for the merge of these two big companies!