The Elite Aerial Arts Experience Review

I have been extra excited to post this since I have always been wanting to try Pole dancing once more. I honestly have been absolutely lazy about working out even though how many times that I have promised myself that I would. 

My husband has always been encouraging me but I swear I find it so hard to get off my completely lazy ass since I work such a stressful job during the week - then opportunity knocked and I was off my rocker with excitement. 

Aerial Hoop

Yesterday, was our first session at The Elite Aerial Arts studio which is located at 143 Maginhawa Street. Although, I initially expected just to be attending a Pole Beginner's class - we actually got the chance to experience more. 

With the other bloggers, our session started off with a warm up (where I cheated, I will be totally honest) because I am so unfit and then followed by a circuit training using their dance facilities (Pole, Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop). I gulped watching the gorgeous Owner/Trainer Nesh Zamora, as she demonstrated each workout for the circuit stations. I knew I would lose my breath (or my sanity). 

What I liked is her openness to the fact that we could not fill the 40 count and she really wanted us to have fun while doing the training. She also wanted to make sure that our endurance, joints and muscles were ready for basic tricks. 

Most of us panted like dogs in summer while we did our best to commit to each station and it was fun plus tiring at the same time - I really loved that I got to reconnect with my so-so strength. 

Aerial Hoop
Photo: Cherry Bustamante Burwell

After circuit training, Nesh taught us basic tricks on the Aerial Hoop where we all were surprised how easy it was that we had some good shots to share. After everyone's turn, it was a cool down session which ended our first day/week in training. 

To cap it off, we shared a slice of pizza (Haha, aloha carbs!) but we all walked away happily. I am surely excited to join next week and see what the next session brings us (hopefully Pole Beginners'). 

So far they have the most affordable rates and their studio is well equipped - it's worth every cent. So check out their schedules of classes here

You can check more about promos and inquire on their Facebook Page 

For the meantime, let me leave you with a few of the tips, when preparing for pole or aerial classes:

1. Avoid a heavy meal or acidic drinks 2-3 hours before and after the class. If you get hungry, half a banana will do. Bring water!
2. Wear a sports bra with stretchable shorts for Pole dancing, use a sports bra with leggings for Aerial. You want to have the freedom of movement. 
3.  Be mentally and physically prepared for the class - let your instructor know you have an injury to make sure that you do not add more. 

Now, if you do not have time to go this week - then you may want to bring your bunch of friends to Fitness Revolution Health and Wellness Expo this November 16, 17 and 18 at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent at Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City.

Fitness Revolution

This grand event will be a gathering of by the country's most prominent gyms: Fitness First, Slimmers World, Anytime Fitness and more. There will be free group classes and they will be handling out vouchers as well as amazing deals on membership. 

Look forward to the various activities which include Zumba, Yoga, Parkour Fitness, belly dance, kickboxing, women's self defense, pole dancing, aerial arts and many more. Also expect amazing brands like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Roxy and more.

Entrance fee is only 200Php at a great deal since regularly you get to try out classes which is usually for 500Php to 700Php per session. 

Check out the Fitness Revolution on Facebook, Instagram and their website for more information. 

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