Beauty Review | Althea Milk Peel

I have always been a fan of Althea's skin care line because so far, I have not been disappointed. Their skin care line is a dream with making sure they only use the finest ingredients not overloading them with chemicals and making them easy to use plus always making it quick for busy moms like me. 

Althea Milk Peel

Then BOOM, another breakthrough came along with their new Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask.

This new product from Althea is such a refreshing approach to taking care of your skin and I totally love the after effect!

This amazing product starts off as a clay when you initially apply to your face then it starts to bubble up right before your eyes into a creamy lather. The formula has AHA and BHA which removes dead skin cells to give you skin which is glowing and soft to the touch. 

Here's my video on how to use Althea's Milk Cream Peel (click on the image):


I can definitely feel the micro peeling after but it does not affect my daily routine of make up. My skin felt softer after use.

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Stay tuned for more beauty reviews :) 

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