Christmas Joy with Mr. Hat Gulaman + Easy Recipe

For a trying so hard to budget mum like me, Christmas is most financially straining holiday ever! Don't you feel a little stressed with all those Christmas parties, pot lucks and party themes? Let's not mention the Christmas present list - whew.

Mr. Hat Gulaman

Last week, at a very last minute notification, we were asked to bring food for my little lad's Christmas party - I neither had the big budget nor the the time to plan and I felt a little time constrained. I needed something affordable, quick and easy to make. 

Cliche as it may seem, but Mr. Hat Gulaman came to my rescue! Perfect that they have recipe videos on their Instagram that I was able to find the perfect idea for the Christmas Party. My hubhub or I have never created anything with Gulaman/Jelly and we knew that it would be a challenge. 

We followed the instructions and even though it was really topped with whipped cream, the idea of using Condensed milk was absolutely perfect!

Mr. Hat Gulaman

I failed to get the photos of the Christmas party where they enjoyed eating the snack. But what I can tell you the mixture of Mr. Hat Gulaman plus the sweet condensed milk is a hit!

Below is the recipe and procedure for you to try which is called Rainbow Cups but I only had room for 2 variants hihi.

Hope this help you and you shouuld definitely follow Mr. Hat Gulaman on their Social media accounts for more ideas! Here's their Facebook page too:

What else are your favorite Gulaman recipes? 

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