Thank You 2018, Next!

Challenging. Tiring. Self-doubting. Sad.

Those are the words that sum up my 2018 - I know I should be counting my blessings and successes however there would not be any success without going through hardships. 2018 really put me on the line to test my innermost strength. I don't regret the year - don't get me wrong but I am so ready to say thank you, next, please!


I'd like to think that 2018 gave me some good memories to move on from. I going to treat my 2018 year as an ex to reminisce the good stuff then share why I am so happy and ready to move on. 

One, I burned a few bridges for a very good reason. Backstabbing "friends" are really not the best to keep. I placed so much trust in this person who in return would spread nasty things about me. I was pretty much hurt to the point, I got sick and it mentally tortured me. The thing is, I am now grateful to this person because I learned that not everyone is going to be your friend. Trust your gut, if you have this feeling that the person you are talking to is betraying you - believe in your friggin' gut. 


Two, I neglected my health. There were many times that I would push myself to go to work even if I am unwell because people depended on me. I seriously need to stop that. 

Three, I stressed on the small things when I could have focused on the good.  


My dear 2018, it was a good run. I am happy you came into my life and the challenges we went through together. We laughed, we cried (a damn lot), and I gave you my all-out support to whatever you would bring me. But it just wasn't working for me and I need to catch up with myself. 


Thank you for the memories, the lessons you taught me and the heartbreak. I'd like to believe that I came out stronger. Goodbye 2018, I'm getting with 2019 now.

Here's my inspiration for this blog post lasses, you are welcome!

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