Why Switch to Reusable Pantiliners?

Even when I was young I never threw a candy wrapper on the street. I would put anything needed to be thrown in a trash can or in my pocket if I could not find one nearby.

Then recently we saw the boom of reusable items, diapers, straws, napkins and I just had to think of ways how I could contribute. I started with switching to shampoo bars and my recent purchase is the reusable panty liner.

It took me a while to order as I always consider my purchases including price and reliability from whom I purchase. Then I found the most affordable offer online and I went for it. I received my items yesterday, washed them and started using them in the afternoon.

I use panty liners whenever I go out and I feel it's an essential for me. I am very much prone to UTI and I am not getting any younger at all. When I heard about the benefits of using reusable panty liners - it just made complete sense.

So here is why you should consider switching:
1. Cost effective - usable panty liners may seem costly when you initially purchase but let's do the math. I buy one of the cheapest brands of disposable liners on the market. It's 40Php per pack for 20 liners. That's 2 pesos per day for 5 days which is 10php per week. I use panty liners everyday and that would be 184 days (less the time I would have my period), I spend 352php a year. I bought the 6 pcs set for 340Php. I already saved 12php. Since these liners can be used up to three years, I'll saving even more, in a total of 3 years - I saved 716php! Now that is worth it and I can save that money for a rainy day.

2. Environment friendly - Did you know that it takes 500 years for a sanitary pad to break down into the environment? 500 years?!?! So imagine using 184 pads a year- you would not even live up to time these things broke down. Now you can make a difference for your children's children by reducing waste.

3.  Health - If you wear panty liners for prolonged periods without changing may cause Vaginal Yeast infections, vaginal itching, inflammation and skin irritation. Chemicals are also used in panty liners and these may be absorbed by your skin.

To sum it up, you save money, you help save the environment and you lessen health risks. consider switching today.

I have been using my set for a few weeks now and I am absolutely satisfied. They are more absorbent than the disposable panty liners, definitely no odor build up and are very easy to wash and dry. 

I purchased my set from Etoffe_Creations from Shopee. This is NOT a sponsored review.


  1. Wow this is nice mommy my ganito na pala ngayon washable panty liner kasi ako tuwing my pupuntahan naka panty liner ako at my dala pa..Kaya very useful ito mommy..Makabili nga din ng ganito para di bili ng bili Ng panty liner.

    1. Sobrang natuwa ako kase dati problem ko kapag nauubusan. Ngayon lagi ako meron stock at no foul smell always feeling dry and fresh pa. Panalo sa akin, gusto ko na rin itry yung menstrual pads kahit sa bahay lang.

  2. Gusto ko po itong washable panty liner. Very Environmental Friendly. Less Clutter pa. Try ko sya subukanšŸ˜Š

    1. Yes, do try! Pwede bumili naman ng per piece muna bago mag isang set. :)

  3. Ngayon ko Lang po taLaga nakita ito momsh . Reusable panty liner instead na gumamit at bumili kpa ng panty liner mas ok na pala ito . Ma try nga rin ito soon..

  4. Meron pala reusable panty liner a must have.Thanks for letting us know momsh