Goodbye Lawlaw, Go Galaw with Pampers for My Super Active Lad!

Diapers are NOT my favorite thing but my son needs them. At his age and with him constantly trying to find stimulation he is super active - he loves to jump, run, roll and even bounces up and down on his exercise ball. Good for him but not for his diaper pants. 

After a few hours his diaper pants start to sag and sometimes they fall down HAHA. Funny parenting moment. He needs diaper pants which will give him the freedom to move around (a lot) and not to cut-off a moment of stimulation when he is most happy. 

I am happy that Pampers now has diaper pants - with their Goodbye Lawlaw, Go Galaw campaign, we get a better deal to switch brands. Might cost a little more, but then we don't have to keep changing diaper pants with the less of the sag, quality = savings. 

What makes it less lawlaw compared to other brands? It's 3x absorbent because of it's 3 magic gel channels and with its soft stretchy belt - it makes it more comfortable to wear. 

Excited to jump with my little lad more because we have diaper pants that can match his game! 

P.S Why is my son still wearing diapers, you may ask? For those that have just visited my blog for the first time - he is a child with special needs specifically with a learning disability. So, purleeeease spare the judgement. 


  1. The best talaga ang pampers , mas pina active pa ang mga bata less lawlaw talaga mas comfortable sila gumalaw

    1. And I realized na maganda nga cya versus the other pants we have been using mas tipid talaga cya. ☺️

  2. YAN di talaga ang trusted brand ko oagdating sa diaper mommy true talaga yung less lawlaw at less palit ng pampers diaper

  3. Pampers mula noon hanggang ngayon. Most trusted brand in PH! ❤❤❤