Woman Up with the Women of Avignon

Paris is most likely the city that would first come to mind when we think of city lights, history, luxury and rich history but it is also very crowded and oh so expensive. But did you know that there is a city in the southern part of France which can give you the same feel less the price tag? That city is called Avignon. 

Now, if you want the benefit of the a luxurious laser dermatology center without the luxurious price tag but achieve the same results - the Avignon in BGC is the place for you. Avignon is powered by advanced aesthetic devices manned by expert professionals, who are trusted Dermatologists and what makes it even better - it's dominated by Women. 

At Avignon you can experience the following signature services:

1. The Glow Laser
Get your skin glowing after the first treatment with the Avignon Pore and Line Laser (PLL). This treatment will visibly reduce pores and fine lines in less than 30 minutes with no cutting, no needle poking and no downtime. 

2. A Pure Beauty Retreat
Time is important for everyone but the everyday stress just wears us down. Get the feel of a spa getaway with Avignon MesoBioLift Skin Reset.  Imagine fully recovered skin as though you had slept for a whole 8 hours! Skin Reset uses endo thermal technology and direct current to help your face reboot giving it smoother expression lines and redefine contours that's good even for your neck, arms and body. 

3. TLC and then Some
Now who wouldn't want to look younger? With Thermage TLC Max, this can give you a non-evasive face lift: Tighten, Lift and Contour. The treatment is only for one hour, where it is pain free and there is no down time. Once a year is all you need.

Avignon is powered by the following; Dr. Ma.. Angela Tomacruz-Cumagun (Medical Director), who is also the Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at University of Santos Thomas Hospital and Regina Grace Buzon-Llorin, MD, MBAH (Medical Operations, Consulting Partner) who has 15 years of experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. 

Avignon is also looked over by the following Board of Certified Consulting Dermatologists of The Philippine Dermatological Society: Dr. Candy Estrada, Dr. April Rivera and Dr. Angela Santos.

Avignon Laser Dermatology is located at 101 Ground Floor, Fort Victoria, 4th Ave and 23rd St., BGC, Taguig. For more information contact them at 09176368732. 

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