How To Claim a PWD ID for Quezon City Residents

After getting diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, I decided to apply for the PWD (Persons With Disability) ID. With my condition, I knew that I needed all the help I could get especially with being on medication. 

My son has a PWD ID however at that time we applied through our Barangay Hall. To lessen the wait (which could take up to 2 weeks) we decided that my husband would go directly to Quezon City Hall since a friend said it would only take up to an hour to get the ID. 

Initially, I registered online and to be sure filled out the form Registry Form v2.0 (newest) however when my husband got to the venue - my online transaction number was not considered then the form we had was not valid and he was told that he needed to fill out a "new" one. 

So here is what you need to do, to get a PWD ID for Quezon City Residents:

1. Make sure to prepare the requirements needed:

  • Filled out PWD form (Click here for form)
  • Latest Medical Certificate or Medical Abstract (for non-apparent disability)
  • Brgy. Clearance or Certificate of Indigency
  • 2 pcs of 2x2 ID Picture
  • Signature (use a black marker) on a piece of Bond paper or thumbmark (if not capable to sign)
  • If you cannot make it to PDAO (Persons with Disability Affairs Office), a letter of authorization for your representative. 
2. Go to PDAO, which is located at the Ground Floor of the Main Building of Quezon City Hall and you will be given a number for your turn. 

3. Your requirements will be verified first and if you do not have a PWD ID form, then it is at verification where they will ask you to fill out one. 

4. Once your requirements are verified as complete then the data will be encoded for your record, you may also be interviewed at this time.

5. You then proceed to the PWD ID issuance section to claim the Purchase Slip Booklet, Movie Admission Booklet and the PWD ID Card. 

The entire process should not take more than an hour, unless there is a long line or there are issues with the requirements during verification. 

The PWD ID is valid for three yeas and then you will have to renew. If you have a Psychosocial Disability then you will need to present the latest Medical Certificate or Medical abstract every renewal period. 

Based on the Republic Act No. 10754: AN ACT EXPANDING THE BENEFITS AND PRIVILEGES OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITY (PWD)**, those with the PWD ID are entitled to the following:

At least twenty percent (20%) discount and exemption from the value-added tax (VAT), if applicable, on the following:

1. Hotel, restaurant and recreation fees.
2. admission fees charged by theaters, cinema houses, concert halls, circuses, carnivals and other similar places of culture, leisure and amusement;
3. medicines in all drugstores
4. medical and dental services
5. fare for domestic air and sea travel
6. actual fare for public utility buses or jeepneys (PUBs/PUJs), taxis, asian utility vehicles (AUVs), shuttle services and public railways, including light Rail Transit (LRT), Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Philippine National Railways (PNR)
7. funeral and burial services for the death of the PWD

Other benefits include:

1. Educational assistance to PWD
2. Use of express lanes for PWD in all commercial and government establishments; in the absence thereof, priority shall be given to them.

**For more detailed benefits please refer to this article.

Hope this helps if you are a first timer. 


  1. Wow maganda ito mommy para sa mga kapwa natin taga quezon city for free ang pagkuha ng pwd card ibalita ko ito sa mga kakilala ko na pwd o my kakilala din sila na pwd mommy..Thank you for sharing

    1. Yes, marami kase categories for disability now. :)

  2. Thanks for this! Will share this to people I know. Hindi kasi lahat alam na pwede din ang psychosocial disorder sa pwd id diba?

    Btw, kelangan ba talaga ang picture ni Herbert sa lahat hehe!

    1. UU sis, not many know. I also had the same question as to why Herbert's photo was on the booklet and card lol.

  3. Paano if transfer galing sa ibang lugar pero may expired PWD ID. Anu-ano po kaya mga requirements? Salamat po

    1. Requirements are usually the same, regardless if new or renewing.

  4. Where can I see the categories for PWD?

  5. kapag po ba operada kana pwdi kana maka kuha ng pwd card?

  6. Paano po kung nawala po PWD ID nya.

  7. Hi maam yun po bang diabetic and highblood (maintenance na po sya sa mga gamot nya kasama ang insulin) qualify po ba sya para makuha ng PWD ID? Laking tulong din kasi sana e dahil madaming gamot ang iniinom . Thank tou