A'Bloom Giant Meringue and Baby Puffs Review

Althea is on a roll! They have been releasing products under their brand since last year and I have been nothing but short of amazed! 

This was one of the A'Bloom products that I was really looking forward to - their Meringue Puffs in Giant and Baby sizes. Good blending sponges are hard to find, and the high end brands simply cost too much. Aside from the fact that the A'Bloom Sponges are too cute, another thing to consider was if they indeed did the job. 

I tested them out to make sure to give you a review, if it is worth it or not. 

Here's the A'Bloom's Meringue Puff claim-to-fame:
1. Expands to 1.5X larger for fast coverage 
2. Blends effortlessly for a flawless finish
3. Works wet or dry for difference effects 
4. 1 minute to flawless skin

A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff (left: Dry, Right: Wet)

Here's my thoughts after using the A'Bloom Giant and Baby Meringue Puffs.

What I raved:
Texture -  It is super soft and fluffy when wet, completely reminds me of marshmallows. I love the feel of the sponge to my skin and if you are a make up artist, your clients would appreciate it to; I bet this would be a conversation piece because of its unique shape.

Color - I love pink! Makes it sweeter and you are really drawn to it's light color.

Claim-to-fame checks - Both the Giant and Baby Meringue Puffs do expand in size when wet and it blends foundation quickly. I used a timer to check and you can blend under a minute with the puff wet. 

Price - 100Php for the Giant Meringue Puff and 140php for a pack of 3 Baby Meringue Puffs which is a total steal! Super affordable for such a soft sponge. 

What I felt can improve:
Color - The light pink color of the sponge is surely pretty however, by experience these are the easiest to stain in the future and you may not to keep it especially if you will use them with clients. I wish they had the dark pink version too for the Giant Meringue Puff 

Cleaning - The Giant Meringue Puff was harder to clean than the Baby Meringue Puff and especially if you used it without wetting first. I would soak first in sudsy water for a few minutes then gently squeeze to rinse it however the foundation stains were still evident. 

Claim-to-fame - I didn't feel the flawless coverage, especially with my extra large pores; I suppose this would be best work for a flawless coverage for those with clearer skin. Using the Meringue Puffs dry took longer to blend the foundation and I did not see a difference when applying foundation with the puff dry or wet. I tested it on my face without primer. I tried to take a photo, but my phone failed to capture the effect (sorry). 

A'Bloom Meringue Baby Puff (Left: Dry, Right: Wet)

My overall thoughts:
Would I buy the product? YES! The price is great for this tool and if you need a blending sponge for everyday use, then this is your new baby. I love the feel of the A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff on my skin especially when it is damp, since it is so soft and FLUFFY! Stock up on these if you need to get your foundation blended in a flash! 

The A'Bloom Giant Meringue and Baby Puffs are now available on Althea! Click on this link to receive 20% on your first order


  1. Aw na amaze naman ako nito mommy nag cute niya then easy blender siya then washable..

  2. ang cute nia gusto ko ma try to😍😍😍

  3. Still a steal at 100 pesos! I have always used my fingers or brush to put on foundation. Maybe I should try this as well.

    1. You'll love this sis! Because it is super easy to use and maganda lapat nya sa foundation. :)

  4. Isa sa gusto ko sa makeup sponge is ung fluffy talaga and di agad masisira. �� And level up talaga si Althea esp sa mga makeups, this one is something to look forward too. Excited for their beauty products to offer soon��

    1. Marami na rin sila nagawa including lip tiny and an eyeshadow palette :)