Affordable Korean Skincare with Althea A'Bloom

I am sorry if I am such an Althea die -hard fan, but can I seriously help it if their products are so good? After reviewing the delicious looking Meringue Puffs - I targeted to try out the skin care products that Althea released. 

The Althea A'Bloom skin care products consist of the A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster and the A'Bloom Fruit Mask Sheets. I have been too harsh on my skin the last few weeks due to commutes and riding my new ebike that I actually had a break out huhu. So, I am totally going to make it up to my facial skin and treat it to a gentle exfoliating black and white head removal as well as a mask sheet. 

The A'Bloom Fruit Mask Sheets (20PHP per Sheet) come in 4 different variants: Moisturizing Watermelon for Dryness Hydration, Nourishing Avocado for Anti-Aging Wrinkles, Brightening Lemon Lime for Brightening Even Skin tone and Anti-Blemish Peach for Anti-Blemish Redness. 

Here are the some fun facts about the A'Bloom Fruit mask sheets:
1. Your skin can get hydrated within only 10 minutes
2. The sheets are soft to the skin since it is made with 100% Natural Eucalyptus sheet
3. It re-balances the PH level of skin
4. It's great for sensitive skin since it has passed the non-irritation skin test conducted by KC skin clinical research center. 

Using the Mask Sheet, I found it to have too much product that the mask was slipping off my face and I had a little difficulty to have it stay on. I think that it does hit the mark for moisturizing but I would go with leaving it on for 20 minutes to make sure you get to absorb all the product. 

The next Althea A’bloom Skincare product is the BHA Blackhead Blaster (200PHP per tube), which is a natural stick to help remove black and white heads without the pain. It's a natural BHA (White Willow Bark Extract 5,000ppm) andit's convenient to carry around on trips since it comes in a pretty matte dark grey tube. 

The A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster claims the following:
1. Can remove black or white heads painlessly 
2. Purifies and clarifies pores instantly 
3. It sweeps away impurities to reveal soft clean skin to prevent future black and white head formation
4. It works under a minute. 

Key ingredients are white willow, charcoal, apricot seed and tea tree leaf oil. 

I tried it out, followed the instructions with how to use the product and here's what I discovered: It does leave you with smoother skin, it reduces black heads but not as deep seated as I wanted, I really feel that with constant use it will remove more. I can feel the light exfoliation and there is definitely no pain. I love the light scent and how handy it is to use.

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My skin statistics:

  • Large Pores 
  • Combination Skin Type 
  • Acidic
  • Light Skin Tone
  • Cool Undertone 


  1. Yay, salamat sa feedback Mamanee, love the effect ng masks na yan to look hydrated and fresh 🤗 Cute at summer look pa. First time ko dko din makakita ng pangtanggal blackheads na gaya niyan😊

    1. I love the Blackhead Blaster pati husband ko winner sa kanya :)

  2. I love Althea Korean Products. It gives natural glow to my sensitive skin. And thanks for sharing this blog. I have tried this A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster which I bought from Althea online store at discount price. It completely removed black heads on my face. I hope you would introduce new korean products from Althea.

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