Bubba Lab Finest at Lamp Quarters Marikina Review

Do you find yourself struggling to find a place to hang out with kids? Expect that I’ll be sharing places where we like to eat as a family and rate it’s ambiance, affordability and accessibility. Keep in my mind that I have a special kid so the places we visit need to be kid friendly.

Recently, I was invited to the Bubba Lab Influencers Tea Party that was held on August 24, at the Lamp Quarters Branch in Marikina. I decided to take my family along as paying customers to get the experience, since we always need to find a place that would be conducive for our little lad and my anxiety levels. 
We took the bikes to travel and it took us just 20 minutes to get there. Parking is limited but we were able to find a spot. I checked on the little lad and his body language told me he was okay. I immediately loved the set up of Lamp Quarters which is a food spot for small coffee shops and resto’s. 

Bubba Lab is very easy to find since it’s the first spot on the right. Walking up to Bubba Lab, I immediately loved the ambiance and it’s Instagram worthy interiors.  

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While food was being served for the influencers, we ordered food for the family. 2 Original Labdog’s with Fish & Jojo’s and a Chocolate Smores Shake. The Fish and Jojo’s was served a few minutes after however the Original Labdog’s took much longer. Maybe because of the event but I am super willing to go back on another day. The Labdog’s got a thumbs up from the family and the little lass was so happy with Smores Shake. 

Meanwhile, for the Influencer Tea Party, several dishes and muffins were served plus a good helping of tea plus their Creme Brûlée series (please see photo captions of the food served). 

I loved the presentation since it was true to its theme. Plates were hexagon shaped, and there were lab apparatus to serve food as well different sized beakers for drinks. 

Whenever I go to a place to eat, my focus would always be the baked goods/dessert. They served us their giant choco chip cookies and different flavoured muffins. I had the chance to eat the Choco chip muffin, now being a baker myself I really look forward to a lot of choco chips but I was a little saddened that the choco chips were only on the upper half of the muffin. The giant choco chip cookie though got a thumbs up from the kids. 

Now, I am not a milk tea enthusiast - however tasting their Original and Mango Creme Brûlée milk tea - I actually liked it! You can taste the caramelized sugar and the creaminess in the drink. 

So let me know list my faves and meh’s:

❤Ambiance - I love the interiors and the periodic table made it interesting to learn their drinks. Although, it can be overwhelming for first timers. Bubba Lab keeps true to its theme with food presentation and even the names of their dishes. Definitely a place for Instagram junkies. 

❤Food taste - love the fact they served sausages versus hotdogs for their Labdogs. Their muffins smell delicious and it was fresh. 

❤Drinks variety - they have tons of drinks to offer and I am glad their drinks can cater from young to the young at heart. 

😐Paper cups - they served our ordered drink in a paper cup with a plastic straw even if it was for dine-in. I hope they can switch to beakers and reusable straws all the way for the total dine-in experience. 

😐Amenities - There was no soap for hand washing even though a sink was available, that you needed to go to the Lamp Quarters bathroom located outside the restaurant (which by the way, was very clean). 

😐Serving time of food - this is not a place to go to if you are in a rush for take out or if you are super hungry. The food prep takes time so if you are more on looking for a place to stay a while and have a long chat with friends then it’s more ideal. 

😐Parking space - limited slots, so better yet car pool or commute. 
Kid friendliness - I would love to see board games in the place which could attract families to dine in. Since Science is all about learning. 

Overall Thoughts:
I still give it a 4/5 for me since my expectations were met with the interiors, ambiance and food. They definitely have room to improve with service (with enthusiasm) and amenities. Plus I think it’s important that they add other payment methods. In this digital age, most would prefer via payment apps or cards versus cash especially that there are no available ATM’s nearby. 

They plan to come out with more varieties of drinks and food in the future and if you need an Instagram Friendly place and want to hang out with friends - then this is your place to go.

Please visit them on the web for more info:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BubbaLabFinestCafe
Website: https://bubbalab.com


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