Freshen Up! Three New Ways to Style Your Hair for a New Look

Whether you have had the same hairstyle for years or you enjoy changing up your look regularly, your hairstyle is an easy way to change your look. Here are three different ways to style your hair in a fresh, new way so you can turn heads and have fun trying a new look.

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Hair Extensions

Why wait for your hair to grow out when it can often take months or years to get to your desired length? Just turn to hair extensions white plains NY as an easy way to instantly lengthen your hair to whatever length you desire. Extensions have come a long way in terms of their look and realness when worn. No one will know you have extensions in except you and they are simple to remove when you are ready to go back to your original length.


While perfecting in at-home blowout can take years and may still not look as good as a salon blowout. Consider investing in a one-time or regular appointment at a blow dry bar so you can experience the volume, bounce, and shininess of a fresh blowout for your hair. Blow dry bars customize each blowout to exactly what you want. Maybe you want super chic and straight or maybe you want tons of volume at the crown with shaped ends or curls.


While you might think perms are a thing of the ‘80s, they are back and ready for you to try out if you have always wanted curly hair. For straight-haired girls who just want to wake up to nice curly hair each day consider getting a perm. The chemical process for perms has changed over the years and the damage to hair is more minimized and the smell from the process has changed for the better.

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