What to Give a Friend with a Sweet Tooth

If you’ve got a friend who’s a borderline sugar addict, give her a gift that will satisfy her cravings. Whether you’d like to give her a present because it’s her birthday or anniversary or simply want to say thank you for being a pal, consider an offering that’s as sweet as she is.

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Treat Assortment

Your friend will definitely appreciate a gift filled with ready-to-eat treats. Consider a reese candy bouquet or basket filled with her favorite chocolate bars, lollipops, gum, jelly beans or taffy. The variety will ensure she’ll always have something to enjoy whatever her current craving puts her in the mood for.


Give your friend the ability to customize her own treats featuring her favorite flavors. Compile a candy making kit that she can use to mold, bake and decorate an assortment of edibles. Consider items such as a recipe book with detailed instructions, silicone molds, spatulas, kabob sticks, tongs, melting chocolate and decorations like sprinkles, colorful sugar, jimmies, pixie dust and nonpareils.

Cool Container

If you think she’d prefer to choose her own sweets, present your friend with a container that she can use to hold her favorites. Choose a dispenser like an old-fashioned gumball machine, a multi-container unit that she can hang on her wall or sit on her desk or a beautiful glass dish she’ll be happy to put on display. You can also give her an assortment of airtight containers in a cute tote that will allow her to take some candy on the go.
If you’re friend has done a lot of sweet things for you over the years, repay the favor with a gift that will show your appreciation. Every time she uses or enjoys you’re gift, she’ll be reminded of what a thoughtful person you are and the remarkable friendship you share.

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