What are the 3 Stages your Amazing Child Goes Through?

Children have an incredible capacity for learning. From the time they are born, children are like sponges, soaking up everything around them and constantly learning new skills and abilities. These three stages are just a few of the many amazing steps children experience as they grow up. 

Getting a Sense

One of the first stages a child goes through is called the sensorimotor stage, which lasts from birth until around age two. Kids in this stage engage with the world through their senses, learning by seeing, hearing, tasting, and feeling. This can be why young kids reach for objects or want to put items in their mouth. It is also why they may be stimulated by shapes and stark lighting.

Exploring Creativity

Kids age two through seven enter a stage that helps them develop memory and imagination. Just like montessori sensitive periods, this stage can prove invaluable for learning skills like language, art, music, and creativity. More abstract concepts, like time and symbolism, can be grasped much more easily in this stage.

Moving Up

Once a child hits age 11, they enter into a time known as the formal operational stage, where they start to understand the principles of logic and can apply them to their everyday choices. It's the first step in growing closer and closer to what they will be like as an adult. This stage can last through adolescence. 
The developmental stages of childhood can be truly awe-inspiring. In just a few years, a small baby can go from being completely dependent on his or her parents to strolling around and exploring the world on their own. Before you know it, they are asking to borrow the car! It is important to nurture a child's different needs at each stage of his or her mental, physical, emotional development. 

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