3 Amazing benefits on Scrapbooking

You take stock on the good things in your life

We sometimes get a rough patch in our lives which at times makes it almost impossible to see the blessings. We know it, but if you are in a stressful time, we ultimately don’t feel it.
It makes me wonder that maybe we don’t forget to count our blessings – we just don’t feel like counting our blessings. 

That’s where a scrapbook comes in handy. 

Creating a scrapbook is half the battle, but it is also where the fun is! The fun is in the creation itself, especially in discovering or coming up with scrapbook ideas

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Scrapbooking is a place where we can collect information that’s meaningful to us, we get a book as unique as the creator and author. The very process takes us on a journey within ourselves that induces a wonderful perspective of our individual experiences in our lives and the people in it.

 It somehow makes you appreciate the little things that came to be. Taking score of the good memories somehow honors the blessings you had and will have in life.

Deeper connections and insights with your friends

I distinctly remember my teenage years where my friends and I would have what is the so-called Slambook (or formally known as friendship scrapbooks). We passed it among our friends and they would paste their photos and other items that would remind us of our friendship.

This was before social media came to be and found a way to get to know a person better with basic personal questions to interesting questions such as favorite food, color, person and so on. The thrilling part of it was finally having your Slambook find its way to you’re the one person you have a crush on, in hopes of finding out if someone likes you back. I guess that’s the reason why most girls started to make one in the first place.

Everything about it was fun I could decorate my Slam book to my heart's desire and there’s great satisfaction when you see the pages being filled out. And the most cherished memories were reading the entries of other kids, getting to know them more on what’s unique and what I have in common with them

Self-discovery through creativity and connection

Originally personal scrapbooks where a collection of quotations, poems, schedules, and memorabilia that dates back to the 15th century which evolved to friendship scrapbooks that originated as souvenirs in Europe all the way back in the 16th century that would contain local memorabilia and works of art by local artisans. 

Scrapbooks further evolved online for easier access and sharing options digitally where you can inspire and share with people anywhere. Scrapbooking online is more convenient when making an addition and sharing on demand. The technical part in designing is easy as long as the designs are as svg files.

original designs in svg format

Others would argue it’s better to create one by hand to look back and sometimes even share with friends and love ones privately. Both have their benefits and there’s no right or wrong way as long it's within your heart’s desire. 

Scrapbooking is more than a journal, it is a compilation of anything you find interesting and a way to express your true self. The best part is there are no right or wrong ways to draw, color, stick, jot, preserve or arrange the history and memories your personal scrapbook holds.

You might just surprise yourself on how creative you can be and how therapeutic it is to keep on scrapbooking in this modern-day and age 

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