4 Proven Ways in Dealing with a Disability

In 2016, an estimated 12.8% (approximately 1 in 8) of people in the United States were living with a disability. This statistic means you may likely have a close relationship with someone who is disabled, and the instance that “someone” is an immediate family member can be devastating. Fortunately, there is a vast pool of knowledge available that can assist your transition into a role as a caregiver.

Become Knowledgeable

Learn about the specific disability affecting your family. There is a great effort to provide public information and governmental resources for many types of diagnoses. If your loved one is facing a significant developmental/intellectual disability, you may consider DDD support coordination agencies which can assist with the multitude of arrangements that may be necessary.

Find Financial Assistance

The financial burden of disability is likely to be substantial. However, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are available for families that don’t receive health coverage through an employer or cannot afford private insurance. There is also financial assistance available in a wide range of areas like specialized housing or providing service animals.

Create an Accessible Environment

Disability often brings a host of special considerations to living space. Look for a balance between safety and comfort along with accessibility and independence. Evaluate the needs of your loved one with those of the rest of your family, and work to maintain a safe living environment for everyone.

Take Care of Yourself

It may seem selfish to think of your struggles compared to your loved one, but if you’re not healthy, how can you provide the best care? Make a doctor’s appointment if you get sick. Consider support groups that might help feelings of isolation. Accept help from others and find breaks where you can pursue your interests and hobbies.
This crisis could be one of the most challenging times of your life; however, help is there for you and it can make everything a little better.

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