How to keep the Pantry Clean

It's amazing, but the place that you store food is sometimes one of the messiest places of all. Pantries are odd places in the home because they come in all shapes and sizes, but it's so hard to find creative ways to store food so that it doesn't go bad. When cleaning your pantry, follow these steps to get is cleaner than it's ever been before.

Empty It (Yes, The Whole Thing)

If your pantry is a mess then you more than likely don't have an adequate inventory of what you have. Remove all contents from the pantry — all contents, you read that right! — and take a look at what you pulled out. Half-eaten bags of stale potato chips, perhaps, or expired cans of tuna fish? Once you see what you're working with, you have a better idea of what you actually need the next time you go shopping.

Clean The Whole Thing

Shelves, walls and flooring all need to be wiped down with all-purpose cleaner and industrial cleaning cloths. If there are crumbs or residue then get your vacuum involved, but remove all traces of food and grossness from the pantry shelves.

Put Everything Back Sensically

Once the pantry is clean then you need to restock it. Before doing so, take a look at the food you've got. If you know you won't eat it and it's unopened and unexpired, donate it to local food banks. When you put things back on your shelves, make sure that you're following the right methods for doing so. By properly stocking your pantry you are eliminating the risk of falling into old patterns.
Cleaning your pantry is oddly soothing, and once you're done you have instant gratification in seeing what you've accomplished. Take the time to get it put back in order in a logical, organized way to make your groceries last as long as possible.

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